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Melissa + Joel

Today, a wonderful couple will be getting married at the Diana at the Biltmore Estate…Melissa and Joel.  It is a beautiful day today, and I am so looking forward to seeing these two united in marriage!   I must say, I am super impressed with this power couple.  Melissa just finished law school, slayed the bar exam, and is now and Immigration and Human Rights Attorney.  Joel is a United States Marshal who arrests the countries most violent criminals.  Yikes!  So glad that I am a wedding planner…

How did you meet each other?
We met when I was an intern at the United States Marshal Service and Joel was a Deputy United States Marshal. I was scared to death of him, and he thought I was annoying. Oh how things have changed ☺

How long have you two been together?
We have been best friends for 4 years, and have been together officially for about two and a half years.

When did you get engaged, and how did he ask?
We got engaged on October 18, 2015. Melissa has always loved those big, beautiful open fields that always seem to be right along the side of the road. She has dreamed that one day someone would stop, while in the middle of a drive, and have a picnic with her in the middle of one those fields.

One day, at the very beginning of their relationship, Melissa was explaining this dream to Joel and right at the moment, she looked out her window and said, “Look! That field right there would be perfect!” Joel looked at her, laughed, and said, “Babe, that’s a landfill.”

Fast forward to their annual trip through the Blue Ridge Mountains. After two days of failed attempts thanks to Melissa getting food poisoning, Joel decided today was the day. However, Melissa was not going to make it easy.

Joel pulled over to a Firehouse Subs shop and Melissa (admittedly being quite bratty) was less than thrilled about the stop. However, he pressed on with the plan to get a large sub “just in case we get hungry later on in the drive.”

As the drive continued, Joel found the perfect field on the side of the road to stop and have the picnic Melissa always wanted. This was it! Well maybe not, Melissa was sleeping….
Joel continued driving on, confident that another opportunity would present itself. Melissa finally woke up from her nap, and now she was hungry. She dove into the “just in case we get hungry” sub and Joel immediately asked her, “what are you doing?” She replied, “I’m hungry. I’m eating my half.” I’m sure you are all totally feeling for Joel at this point. Poor guy is trying to make this absolutely perfect for her and she is making it as difficult as possible. For those of you who know Melissa, you are all thinking, “typical Melissa”.

Finally! Joel finds a perfect, big, beautiful, open field right off the beaten path. He had everything, a plaid picnic blanket, the now half sub, all of Melissa’s favorite snacks, and had strategically placed the Go-Pro on the front of the Jeep to capture every moment of the proposal. Joel thought, finally things are going as planned – until the Go-Pro started beeping. Why was it beeping? Because it was indicating that it was dying. Needless to say, the Go Pro did not capture the proposal.

Despite all of the bumps in the road, Joel made sure Melissa had the picnic she always wanted. When he finally asked her the big question, she was so surprised that the first thing out of her mouth was, “Are you kidding?” This was probably something Joel was thinking to himself ALL DAY.  Needless to say, every, single moment of the proposal was perfectly imperfect and Joel and Melissa wouldn’t change a thing!

What are some of the activities that you like to do together as a couple?
We like to go to Jacksonville Jaguar games, go off-roading in our Jeep, spend time outdoors, and take spontaneous weekend trips to new cities.

Why did you choose the Diana at the Biltmore Estate as your wedding location?
I have always wanted to get married in a castle. Additionally, Joel and I started a tradition about 3 years ago, going to the mountains in North Carolina for my birthday. We instantly fell in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains! What could get better than a venue tucked away on a hill, inside a forest, overlooking a castle and the Blue Ridge Mountains?!

When you think about your wedding, what are you most excited about?
Cliché answer: We are both so excited to spend the night celebrating our love and friendship with our family and friends. My answer: FIREWORKS! Joel’s answer: Pizza station!

What do you love about each other?

Melissa: What I love about Joel is that he has this tremendous courage in every situation and has a very tough exterior, yet he has an incomparable respect and kindness for every human being he meets.

Joel: What I love about Melissa is the passion and determination she applies to every situation. She is also incredibly considerate and caring, not only of people close to her, but of complete strangers.

Anything else you would want people to know?
I am SO incredibly proud that Joel served our country as an Army Ranger and as soon as he came home, he decided to continue to serve out country and communities as a United States Marshal.

MaryStuart + Chris

MaryStuart and Chris will be getting married this Spring at the Ritz-Carlton at Lake Oconee.  They have been together for over 4 years, and now they can’t wait until they can finally call each other husband and wife!  Read more about this super cute couple below…they have the sweetest engagement story….

How did you meet each other?
Chris and I met in a tennis league in Athens, Ga. At the time we were playing on opposite teams, and I always thought he was so cute but never had the nerve to speak to him first. And then one night after the match, he came up to me and introduced himself and we hit it off after that. We continued to use tennis as a way to “hang out” and then eventually started officially dating not too long after that.

When did you get engaged, and how did he ask?

We got engaged on May 28, 2016 which was Memorial Day weekend. We went up to Asheville, NC to Navitat Canopy Tours to zip line, which was originally planned as Chris’s birthday trip. We went down all of the zip lines, me not knowing that Chris had a ring in his pocket the entire time. At the very end of the canopy tour, we were hiking back down to the end, and Chris stopped on a cute, little wooden bridge and asked for the tour guide to take our picture. Right before she took our picture, Chris stepped out in front of me and got down on one knee, while giggling, asked me to marry him. The big joke is that I freaked out, not expecting the proposal, and started walking backwards like I was running away. In actuality, I was so excited I didn’t know how to handle the whole situation. We got a lot of pictures of the whole thing and it was still the best day of my life.

What do you two do for a living?
Chris owns his own small business, and I work for my family’s small business. He is in the landscaping/maintenance business and I am in the restaurant business and do some of the accounting work for them.

What are some of the activities that you like to do together as a couple?
We love tennis, going to the lake or the mountains, and exploring new things. We also love to travel when we have the chance.

Why did you choose the Ritz-Carlton at Lake Oconee as your wedding location?
We chose the Ritz Carlton at Lake Oconee because it’s a beautiful hotel that sits right on Lake Oconee and it happens to hold the large amount of guest that we intended on inviting. Chris and I also go up the our family’s lake house every chance we get in the Spring and Summer time so we thought it was very fitting for us. I also love that it’s a hotel so people can stay and not worry about transportation. You also get to make a whole weekend out of the wedding☺

When you think about your wedding, what are you most excited about?
I am most excited about the ceremony, and being able to be dressed up in my dress with my hair and make-up done, being able to look Chris in the eye and say our vows in front of all of our friends and family. And most of all just getting married! And the dancing afterwards of course.

What do you love about each other?

MaryStuart: What I love about Chris is how willing he is to help others no matter what the task is. He is the most handy man I know and loves to fix anything for anyone. He also has a huge heart for others and is very mature.

Chris: What I love about MaryStuart is how much she cares for others and how big her heart is for giving. She is my best friend and is always striving to make our relationship better and better. We work as a team.

Anything else you would want people to know?
Chris and I cherish our friendship more than anything and always tell each other that we are a team and will always aim to put each other first.

Jenna + Matthew

Jenna and Matthew….these two just make me smile.  What an absolute JOY it has been getting to know them and their families throughout this planning process.  Such a creative and talented couple with hearts of pure gold.  Enjoy getting to know them…

How did you meet each other?
We are both musical theatre performers and met during the run of a show in Wytheville, Virginia. We were both contracted for the Christmas show of their 2013 season and were slated as dance partners for the opening number! We had an instant connection with each other and would always get to our places call as early as possible to hang out together. Even our cast mates were telling us what a great couple we would make! One night we were all going to go see Frozen together at the movies, and one by one all our friends back out until it was just the two of us. They had planned it that way all along and we are so glad they did. We started dating shortly after that night and haven’t looked back since.


How long have you two been together?
We started dating December 23, 2013 – so almost 3 years now!

When did you get engaged, and how did he ask?
We went out for a day date that consisted of going to the movies, eating dinner right off the Chattahoochee river in Atlanta, and attempting to see the sunset in a park near the restaurant. Just as we turned a corner of the park he grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a tight hug. He was shaking so much that I knew in that moment something big was about to happen! Neither of us remember what was said but after a moment he knelt down and proposed right then and there. I loved that it was just the two of us and later we made many phone calls to share the news with our family and friends. It was perfect in every way.

What do you two do for a living?
We are both musical theater performers which includes dancing, singing, and acting! We also work in entertainment at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta!IMG_2946

What are some of the activities that you like to do together as a couple?
We love to travel and want to do it even more once we are married. We also enjoy going to sporting events like college football and baseball games. And sometimes the best date night is going to a frozen yogurt shop for dessert followed by binge watching Friends on the couch.

Why did you choose the Champion Hills as your wedding location?
We currently live in Atlanta but our hometowns are in NC and VA. We wanted a place that would be easily accessible for all of our friends and family to travel to. We knew we wanted our wedding to be in the mountains which is symbolic of where we grew up. After months of searching and having no luck, Tara showed us Champion Hills and we loved it! It is definitely a hidden gem and with their new event lawn facing the mountains, it is just spectacular.

What do you love about each other?
Jenna: What I love about Matt is…His wit! He is always making me and everyone around him smile. One of the reasons he is so comedic is because he is very intelligent. He remembers facts as if he’s reading them from a book. It amazes me and I learn from him every day. Lastly, I love his ability to relate to any and everyone he encounters. Matt is a people person and I love the way he truly listens to others and gives of his time and efforts to build the relationships around him.

Matt: What I love about Jenna is… Her unfathomable generosity, kindness, and love. Not just to me, but to everyone that knows her. She is absolutely stunning, has the best sense of humor, and a contagious personality to boot. But how she is able to always give of herself blows me away. She inspires me.IMG_2911

Anything else you would want people to know?
Stay true to yourself during the wedding planning process. Be honest with your vision and open to suggestions in areas you are unsure of. Surround yourself with family and friends that will lift you up as you take this next step into marriage. This year has been the best year of my life. Not only do we get to become husband and wife, but we also have a support system that will guide us through this next chapter as newlyweds. It is sure to be pure bliss!

Katie + Matt


Katie and Matt will be getting married this June in the lovely Walled Gardens at the Biltmore Estate, followed by a reception at the Conservatory.  This is such an amazing venue because it is so intimate, and surrounded by gorgeous gardens.  I am so happy for them!  Katie and Matt have been together for over 5 years now, so they are over the moon about finally becoming husband and wife.  Read more about this great couple below…
How did you meet each other?
Matt moved to Arkansas for a job with a vendor for Walmart in Northwest Arkansas. I grew up in the area and stayed in Fayetteville after college. We were neighbors in the same apartment complex—we actually lived right across from each other. We would see each other around, but I didn’t think Matt was interested in me for a long time. I had seen him going for a run one day and asked him if he would want to get together sometime. The first time we hung out, it wasn’t really a date, and I decided I didn’t think things were ever going to be that serious with us. Matt asked me for a second chance and to go to dinner with him—I agreed and we have been together ever since.

When did you get engaged, and how did he ask?
We went for an early morning walk on the beach in Florida and Matt asked me to marry him! It was perfect. Neither of us can remember what the other one said—we were both so excited and in shock!


What do you two do for a living?
Matt works for Kraft Heinz and I teach Kindergarten.

What are some of the activities that you like to do together as a couple?

Matt and I love to go walk at a trail around a lake by our house. That is probably of our favorite things to do. We also love traveling together. We also like to eat Mexican food, watch movies, go to concerts, and take naps with our two cats.

Why did you choose the Biltmore Estate as your wedding location?

We still can’t believe we are getting married at Biltmore. The home and grounds are so spectacular. We love everything about Biltmore. We feel we couldn’t have picked a more perfect location.


When you think about your wedding, what are you most excited about?
Katie- I can’t wait for Matt to see me in my dress for the first time. Both of our families mean a lot to us, so I am very excited about spending the day bringing our families together.IMG_1869

What do you love about each other?

Katie: What I love about Matt is… Matt is the kindest person I have ever me and he is also the best friend I have ever had. He is always patient, flexible, loyal, supportive, and loving. Matt works so hard at everything he does. He is such an amazing person and I feel so blessed that I get to marry him.

Matt: What I love about Katie is… I love Katie’s smile, personality and positive energy. She brightens every room and situation she walks into. Katie sees the best in people and brings it out in them. She is the most trustworthy, respectful and reliable person I have ever known. She takes care of everyone and is the best partner and friend I could ever have asked for. She is smart, super funny and absolutely gorgeous. Katie is one of kind and truly beautiful inside and out.


Allison + Eric

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So so excited for Allison and Eric’s wedding at the Omni Grove Park Inn this May.  We have been planning for a while now, and I have had so much fun getting to know them and their families.  They have been dating for three and a half years now, and they are so sweet together.  Read more about these two below…

How did you meet each other?
We met on OkCupid in December 2012. Allison had recently moved to Durham that summer to begin graduate school at Duke and Eric was in his 3rd year of medical school, also at Duke. Eric messaged Allison first, thinking she was cute (even though her profile was pretty brief)! Allison was very interested in his profile but was also unsure about the whole online dating thing so waited a few days to respond to his message. But when she went to respond, Eric’s profile had been deactivated. Fortunately, after logging into the site daily to look for Eric, his profile was activated a week later and Allison messaged him back immediately. We first met for coffee on Duke’s campus and we were very comfortable talking right away. We planned our first real date 2 days later – we started out going for a hike in the morning and then ended up spending the entire day together.

When did you get engaged, and how did he ask?
We got engaged February 28, 2015. We had been talking about getting engaged for a little while and started to look at rings together in early February. We pretty quickly got a sense of the rings that Allison liked so Eric said he would take it from there. Allison figured it would take him a few months or so to get the ring, so wasn’t expecting anything for a while. Well, just a few weeks later, Eric had just gotten the ring and Allison’s dad happened to be visiting us in Durham. Eric asked him for his blessing, and then decided he didn’t want to wait any longer – he proposed that night at dinner! Allison was very surprised!


What do you two do for a living?
Allison is a PhD student at Duke studying cognitive psychology. Eric is a medical resident physician at Duke.

What are some of the activities that you like to do together as a couple?
Anything that involves our chocolate lab, Maggie! We enjoy taking her on walks and playing fetch in the backyard. On weekends we try to be outdoors as much as and often go running or hiking. We also enjoy cooking together – Eric does all the cutting and chopping and Allison follows the recipe and puts it all together (and at the end of the process, Eric credits Allison for doing all the work!). There are a number of TV shows that we watch religiously together. The Bachelor is our favorite guilty pleasure show – we discovered our shared love for the show on our first date and have watched every episode together since!


Why did you choose Grove Park Inn as your wedding location?
We knew we wanted to have the wedding somewhere in North Carolina to make planning the wedding easier. With most of our family coming in from out of town, we wanted to bring them someplace really special. Eric and I went to Asheville for our first vacation together and loved everything about it (primarily the hiking and fantastic restaurants) and decided it would be a fun place for our guests to visit. And out of all the venues in Asheville, the Grove Park had everything we were looking for: beautiful mountain views, a central location for our guests to stay, and activities for our guests (the spa, golf course, etc.).

When you think about your wedding, what are you most excited about?
We’re most excited for our “first look”! It will be a special moment right before we get married for just the two of us. We look forward to sharing a more private and intimate moment before sharing our joy with all our friends and family. That, and the food of course!


What do you love about each other?
Allison: What I love about Eric is…

Eric is one of the smartest and hardest-working people I know, but he is incredibly humble about it. I am inspired by the way Eric cares for his patients all day (and often all night) long. Virtually every moment Eric isn’t in the hospital, he dedicates to us spending time together, something I appreciate very much. Eric is very supportive of me and is a true partner. But he’s not all serious – Eric is also wonderfully silly and always knows how to make me laugh (usually by making up a little song)!

Eric: What I love about Allison is…

I can be myself around Allison! She is one of the nicest and most caring people you’ll meet. She wears her heart on her sleeve and cares an incredible amount for the people she loves, but is also a very thoughtful and rational person. She is a fantastic partner and teammate who has supported me in good times and bad over the past 3 years. She’s beautiful, to boot!

Aven + Wes

0058As soon as I met this couple, I knew they were special.  They went from being New Yorkers to Texans over this wedding planning process, so they have been troopers with so much going on in their lives!  Needless to say, they are looking forward to relaxing in the mountains of North Carolina for their wedding weekend coming up this spring.  Claxton Farm is where they will become husband and wife all while being surrounded by incredible mountain views, and their closest friends and family.  Can’t wait!  Continue reading to get to know Aven and Wes…


How did you meet each other?
Like any good love story, ours includes football, Cowboys & Indians, Mexican (well, Spanish) food, and New York City. We met in 2010 when mutual friends invited me (Aven) to join Wes’ flag football team. At the time, as luck would have it, we lived only a couple of blocks apart in the West Village and quickly became friends. In September 2011, under the guise of “helping me install window blinds,” we ended up on our first date at a small tapas restaurant on Bleecker Street. That fall, we began spending more and more time together: The Hunt, Cowboys & Indians Halloween Hoe Down, Hudson River Park, and countless late nights at restaurants and wine bars (and the Village Tavern, our local West Village dive bar). Over the next few years, the bright lights of Manhattan provided the perfect landscape for our relationship to flourish. We exercised in Central Park, took summer vacations to the Hamptons, and cheered on our beloved New York Yankees. I shared my love for the Tar Heels, and Wes introduced me to Texas A&M football and the music of Pat Green. By early 2015, Wes was ready to pop the question and so, he began to devise a plan…
How long have you two been together?

We’ve been dating for a little more than 4 and a half years and have been friends for nearly 6.

When did you get engaged, and how did he ask?
In February 2015, I received an email from Wes about tickets to a Jazz concert at Lincoln Center that he’d snagged from a colleague. “Mark your calendar! We’ll get dressed up and make a night of it.” Fast-forward to March 28th, the morning of the concert, Wes told me he had errands to run and suggested I get my nails done during that time. So, I went to get a mani/pedi, while Wes ran around NYC buying fresh roses and champagne, and setting the scene for the surprise he had planned for later that night. That evening, we ran out of the door to make our “dinner reservation” (which I was causing us to be late for, per usual) when Wes suddenly suggested that we first head up to the rooftop to take a photo of ourselves all dressed up. I, still totally clueless, agreed. When we got to the roof, we asked “the lady taking photos of the sunset” to kindly take one of us, too. As she prepared her camera, Wes turned to me, got down on one knee and under the glistening lights of the New York City skyline, asked me to marry him. Of course, I said YES! And the photographer – who Wes had planted there – captured the moment beautifully!00130022

What do you two do for a living?
I work in marketing and business development. Wes is in equity asset management.

What are some of the activities that you like to do together as a couple?

We love exploring new things and places, traveling, being outdoors and running, and we’re huge sports fans – so, watching the Tar Heels, Aggies and New York Yankees!0123

Why did you choose Claxton Farm as your wedding location?
I (Aven) grew up in Asheville and knew I wanted to get married outside in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Wes grew up in the Texas Panhandle on his family’s farm. We both had an “elegant barn setting” in mind. Claxton totally fit the bill!

What do you love about each other?

Aven: What I love about Wes is…
I love Wesley for his goodness. He is kind and honest and is truly guided by the values of faith and love and family. I have never met anyone who embodies the phrase “salt of the earth” in the way that Wesley does. I love Wesley for being smart and confident, without being boastful or proud. He has achieved so much, but done so in his own, casual way. I love Wesley for being up for anything and always on the lookout for a new adventure. His willingness to experience new things (and faith that they’ll work out) led him to New York City and us to each other. I love Wesley for being competitive and never settling. I love Wesley for how much he loves the Aggies… and is learning to love the Tar Heels too. I love Wesley for being so thoughtful about everything he does. Our engagement story is a perfect example of just how thoughtful he is. He had everything planned down to the last detail, including making sure I had my nails done! I love Wesley for always helping me to see the forest for the trees and reminding me of what really matters in life. I love Wesley for always making me smile and never taking himself (or me) too seriously. I love Wesley for his smile, which always makes me smile, too. I’m so excited for us to be husband and wife, and I couldn’t imagine a better person to have by my side for all of life’s adventures!

Wes: What I love about Aven is…
Anyone who knows Aven will speak to her contagious happiness. She’s always smiling and laughing! As we look back through pictures of her childhood, Aven always has a glow about her. That comes from the goodness and kindness in her heart. It is an inner beauty that is matched by an outer beauty. I love that Aven can stun in a cocktail dress when going out on the town, and then wake up the next morning to outrun you in a 5k. I love that Aven truly cares about having a successful professional career. She is equally admired by both those who work above her and those who learn under her. I love that Aven loves sports! She knows and understands the in’s and out’s, which makes playing alongside her challenging and cheering from the bleachers with her fun. Aven cares about living a healthy life, which is reflected in her diet and exercise. I love that her healthy, active lifestyle will be passed along to our kids. And maybe most important to our relationship, I love that Aven is low maintenance and easy going. This particular trait matches very well with my personality. We have big things ahead of us, and I am truly honored and excited to have Aven by my side for the rest of my life!0050

Amelia + Greg

Orange Photograpie

Super excited for Amelia and Greg’s fall wedding coming up this October at Lake Eden in Black Mountain, NC.  Such an amazing time of the year for a wedding in the mountains!  Amelia and Greg have been together for 6 years now, and I know their friends and family are looking forward to the day they finally say I do!  Amelia is the digital marketing manager for, but is also an extremely talented jewelry designer, and you can find her work at Mountainside Designs Jewelry.  Greg is a real estate agent in the Bozeman and Big Sky area.  Read more about this special couple below!

How did you meet each other?
Greg and I met each other when I was a student at unc-chapel hill and he was the owner of a restaurant in town. We had a mutual friend who introduced us and all went out together one night – the rest is history!

When did you get engaged, and how did he ask?
Greg asked me to marry him while on a hike in Yellowstone. Since moving to Montana hiking and exploring has been one of our favorite things to do. We were checking out the Grand Prismatic springs – one of Yellowstone’s most iconic and beautiful thermal features – when we decided to scramble up the side of a really steep hill to get a better view. It was an absolutely perfect and beautiful June day and we had an awesome view. We hiked around a bit until we weren’t around anyone else and he got down on one knee to propose. I was so happy and surprised, hiking back down the hill with shaky legs was tough! He then surprised me with a night at Chico Hot Springs where we had a super tasty dinner and soaked in the natural springs.DSC04544

What are some of the activities that you like to do together as a couple?
Greg and I both really love to ski – so we spend most of our weekends in the winter at Bridger Bowl or Big Sky. In the summer we love to go hiking with our sweet dog Pisgah and take lots of weekend trips to explore all the cool little towns around Montana. We also purchased a house back in April, so have been putting in some time updating it!

Why did you choose Lake Eden as your wedding location?
We chose Lake Eden for two main reasons; first, because of it’s gorgeous mountain location. We wanted a rustic, natural feel and Lake Eden fit the bill perfectly. Secondly, we wanted our wedding to be a whole weekend long celebration where we could spend as much time as possible with friends and family who would be travelling from all over. Lake Eden has several nice accommodations on site, so a lot of our friends and family will be on the property with us for the entire weekend.IMG_7416

When you think about your wedding, what are you most excited about?
We are so excited to have all of our friends and family together in one place at the same time! That never happens for us as so many of the people who we love are spread out all across the country. We can’t wait to see everyone and celebrate together!

What do you love about each other?

Amelia: What I love about Greg is…
Greg is my best friend and I love sharing our lives together. He is passionate, driven and so thoughtful. He truly cares about everyone in his life and would do anything for anyone. I am so lucky I get to marry him!

Greg: What I love about Amelia is…
I love that Amelia is creative, kind and always there to be my adventure partner. I can’t wait to start our life together!IMG_3102

Anything else you would want people to know?
Tara is the best wedding planner – she’s been so helpful through every part of the process and we couldn’t have done this without her!!!   (THANK YOU!!! xoxo)


Lauren + Tim

HannahHudsonPhotography.LaurenandTimEngagements-44Photo by Hannah Hudson

Lauren and Tim will be getting married this September at one of the most gorgeous places on the planet…The Diana at the Biltmore Estate!  This precious (and hilarious) couple have been together for 5 1/2 years now, and they are certainly ready for their wedding day to get here quickly.  I am very lucky that I get to see these two become husband and wife.  🙂

How did you meet each other?

Tim and I first met each other in 2005, after interning together. However, it took a chance encounter in 2010 for us to re-meet. We have tried to capture this moment for friends but it is best captured from an excerpt, written by a friend, for our website:

Lauren is from Seattle, Washington and attended the University of San Diego where she once failed a relationships class. She moved to DC to work at an educational nonprofit, then began world domination in public affairs, working on grassroots advocacy and political campaigns. She got her master’s degree at Johns Hopkins University and is a member of the Junior League of Washington. Lauren loves the Seattle Seahawks, glassy babies, coffee, getting stuff done, being preppy, Hillary Clinton, running marathons, beautiful shoes, Tim and their dog Max (not necessarily in that order, though if we’re being honest Max is at the top of her list).
Tim was born in Virginia and grew up in McLean where he was a member of the Treble Makers singing group. He went to Villanova University and recently got his master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. He works at The Neighborhoods of EYA as a Procurement and Logistics Specialist, which sounds like a made-up job title but we promise is not. He is very important at EYA and procures a lot of great logistics. Tim loves the Washington Capitals, the Redskins, the Nationals, building things, his nephews, ice cream, photography, riding bikes, Lauren and their dog Max (again not necessarily in that order, though if we’re being honest his GoPro camera is at the top of his list).
Lauren and Tim met while interning together in 2005. They became Facebook friends, then quickly moved on with their lives. Several years later they ran into each other at one of Tim’s EYA properties. Tim asked Lauren out on a date and she said yes. Said date went well, they fell in love, moved in together, bought a house and got a dog. Tim proposed to Lauren on a trip to Africa, after they’d climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. They love traveling, spending time with family and friends, each other (like a lot) and their dog Max.IMG_0044

When did you get engaged, and how did he ask?

Last year, Tim and I travelled to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. After we climbed over 19,000 feet, we decided to go on safari to relax. On the last day, in the Northern Serengeti, Tim proposed on Labor Day, 2014.

What do you two do for a living?

Lauren, 31, is the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for Health Care in Washington, D.C. for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Crawford received her bachelor’s degree from the University of San Diego and received a master’s in Government from Johns Hopkins University, magna cum laude.

Tim, 33, is a Procurement Specialist for the homebuilder EYA in Bethesda, Maryland.  Shaver graduated from Villanova University and received a master’s degree in real estate from Johns Hopkins University.


What are some of the activities that you like to do together as a couple?

We love all of these activities – some together, some independently!

Fishing, kayaking, running, biking, hot yoga, playing with our Bulldog, cooking, baking, home decorating, home remodeling, photography, volunteering, hiking, traveling, and skiing.

Why did you choose the Biltmore Estate as your wedding location?

Once upon a time, a lady from Seattle went to college in San Diego, then moved to DC to start her career, where she met a sweet guy from McLean by way of a college stint in Philadelphia. He got down on one knee in Tanzania, after summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro, and now they are continuing their adventures with a wedding in Asheville.

Seriously, that’s it. We wanted a location that would be welcoming and fun for all friends – since everyone was going to travel. We found that in Asheville.HannahHudsonPhotography.LaurenandTim.Edits-2Photo by Hannah Hudson

When you think about your wedding, what are you most excited about?

The most important thing to us is that we have an amazing party with friends and family to celebrate our life together – that’s it!

What do you love about each other?

Lauren: Tim, Lauren first met you in 2005 but you didn’t start dating until 2010, when she took the lead and suggested that the two of you visit one of the restaurants that you both had been discussing over email. Lauren loves the fact that you are dedicated to your family and friends. You enjoy unplugging and getting away, something you have taught to Lauren over the years. She loves that you are thoughtful and careful when making decisions, together you have the perfect balance.

Tim: Lauren, the first things Tim noticed about you were that you are fun, outgoing, and easy to talk to. You are dedicated to your family, and to your dog above all else. He loves that you are smart and beautiful and always able to make him laugh and smile. You are driven to succeed in your career. You keep things organized around the house and in both of our lives. He loves your calendar invites. He can’t wait to raise a family with you and spend the rest of his life by your side.

Anything else you would want people to know?

We love our bulldog Max, who is, unfortunately, not part of our wedding, but here in spirit! Wait, people know that about us.HannahHudsonPhotography.LaurenandTim.Film-61Photo by Hannah Hudson

April + Trevor

DSC_0131April and Trevor’s wedding is coming up around the corner, and their nuptials will take place at the Deerpark on the Biltmore Estate.  What a seriously gorgeous couple this is, and their children are equally as adorable.  I could squeeze the cheeks off their littlest baby boy.  GOODNESS! So cute. They have been together for over eight years, and now it is time to finally call each other husband and wife!  I simply can not wait to see April walk down that aisle into Trevor’s arms.  It will be a moment never to forget, I promise!



How did you meet each other?
We met at Clemson University. It was April’s senior year and Trevor’s sophomore year. We had mutual friends that were in a relationship and heard about one another but never met until we crossed paths one day.  Trevor asked my friend to give me his number. The rest is history.







When did you get engaged, and how did he ask?
We got engaged on Christmas Day in 2012. I had went upstairs to take a shower and he had went in there before me and to my surprise had wrote will you marry me on the mirror with red finger nail polish with the ring on the sink.




What do you two do for a living?
Trevor has been a professional basketball player for 6 years and currently plays for the Utah Jazz. April is a stay at home mom to their 3 wonderful children.







What are some of the activities that you like to do together as a couple?
We love to travel and spend time with our family the most. We can be found doing anything since we both are adventurous and love being with each other. Lately, our most favorite activity is taking bike rides together. In order to have a long life together, we must work out together :o)




Why did you choose the Biltmore Estate as your wedding location?
The Biltmore is just a beautiful place overall. I wanted to have the wedding of my dreams, and Trevor wanted to give me just that.


When you think about your wedding, what are you most excited about?
The moment that I am most excited about is the first look with Trevor and I. It will be a special moment because we will get to share that alone before all the wedding activities start taking place.





What do you love about each other?

April: What I love about Trevor is that he is the most selfless person I know. He has a great heart and loves doing for others. He is very patient and understanding with our kids. Just being with him and watching him grow everyday, makes my heart grow ever more for him. He loves me for who I am and that’s enough for me :o)


Trevor: What I love about April is…absolutely everything (her flaws and all)


Melissa and Victor


I am so excited for Melissa and Victor’s wedding weekend to get here, as I have never even met Victor except over Skype!  They live in Iraq and work as sub-contractors for the Department of State at the U.S. Embassy, so it is not like they can come meet with me whenever they want!  🙂  Melissa and Victor will be getting married this August at the Deerpark on the Biltmore Estate.  So excited!
How did you meet?
We were briefly introduced to one another, through mutual friends, while Melissa was on her way out of the dining facility on14 Aug 2013. We locked eyes and both had an instant attraction, but no true conversation.

On 15 Aug 2013, our friends invited us to a get together. Melissa received wonderful work related news and was also celebrating the remembrance of her Aunt Hazel, whose birthday was the same day.

Victor & Melissa talked & laughed the whole night, realizing how many similarities they had in common. Never leaving each others side from that day forth.


How long have you known each other?
It will be 2 years on our wedding day.

When did you get engaged, and how did he ask?
27 Dec 2014 at NC State Bell Tower.

Victor asked Melissa’s parents for her hand in marriage prior to the engagement and seeked their advise for the best location to propose. They all agreed on the NC State Bell Tower.

Victor told Melissa he wanted to see the sights of Downtown Raleigh. As they drove around and made it to NC State Bell Tower, Victor said he wanted a closer look and to take some photos. As they walked around the tower, Victor took Melissa’s hand, stared into her eyes and immediately went to one knee. He professed his love and asked for her hand in marriage.

Later that evening, amongst family & guests we made the announcement of our engagement.


What are some of the activities that you like to do together as a couple?
Domestic & International travel
Cooking for each other
Going to the beach
Movie Night
Wine tasting

When you think about your wedding, what are you most excited about?
Melissa’s mother suggested the Biltmore Estate.

We were mesmerized by the beautiful open-air courtyard. We knew this would be the perfect venue to exchange our vows.

When you think about your wedding, what are you most excited about?
We are Blessed to have our family & friends be part of our Big Day!!! The First look is something we are really looking forward to as well as seeing the transformation of the wedding venue.


What do you love about each other?
Melissa: What I love about Victor is…his genuine love & devotion to our relationship. His sense of humor and patience. His constant motivation and encouragement in all aspect of my career. He is truly my soul mate.

Victor: What I love about Melissa is…the way she treats me. She respect me in every way. She is smart, organized, sophisticated and motivated in life. She is not only beautiful physically, but spiritually. She is my best friend and my soul mate.

Anything else you would want people to know?
Faith in God, Communication, Respect for one another, Love & Laughter are key to a successful marriage.

Tara has been a TERRIFIC wedding planner, especially while we have been planning our wedding from Iraq. (Thank you, Melissa & Victor!!)


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