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Melissa + Joel’s Reception

If you missed Part I of Melissa and Joel’s wedding, click here to view!  After their beautiful ceremony, guests were able to watch the sun go down over the mountains during the cocktail hour and into dinner.  The Diana is such a magical location located on the Biltmore Estate.  Melissa also loved how the reception tent is surrounded by trees, and so much so, we moved some trees into the tent!  What a unique way to pull nature into your decor!  The Bloom Room, once again, blew us away with their romantic and lush arrangements.  As you will see from Melissa’s reaction in the pictures, she was over the moon about the way her dreams became reality.  Thank you to all involved to make this day possible!

Photographer:  Katy Cook Photography

Draping and Rentals:  Classic Event Rental

Linens:  BBJ

DJ:  Split Second Sound

Catering/Cake:  Biltmore Estate

Paper Products:  Baggie Goose

Bridesmaids Hair/Makeup:  Blush

Melissa and Victor’s Biltmore Wedding

View More: couple captured my heart from the first moment we spoke.  They live overseas, they have served our country, and they love each other deeply.  They decided to get married on the beautiful Biltmore Estate at the Deerpark.  Thank you to Realities Photography for documenting this special couple so perfectly.  Let’s just say, I LOVE my job.  🙂

Please take some time to watch this trailer by Hart to Heart Media….try not to cry!  I did!

View More: More: More: looked extra stunning after Blush added their special touch!View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: you to Baggie Goose for all the signage and to Blossoms for the gorgeous floral!View More: More: More: More: More: More: by Tod Coles with Big Love WeddingsView More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: Second Sound got everyone on the dance floor!View More: More: More: More: More:

April & Trevor’s Magical Wedding Part II

And now on to the wedding reception of April and Trevor held at the Deerpark on Biltmore Estate!  If you missed Part I, check it out here…you won’t want to miss it.

Thank you again to One Moment One Shot for sharing your talent.

Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1652Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-792-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2Loved using the Utah Jazz Arena for the seating chart…thank you to Baggie Goose for designing!

Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1044Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1028Gorgeous Ice Bar by Ice Age Ice SculpturesBooker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1933Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2017Best intro by the Bookers and their sweet children…this family is one you want to hang with.Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2025Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2028

Instead of a traditional First Dance, April and Trevor fabulously lip-synced for one another!  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2037Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2057Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2133Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-55-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-98-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-159-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1872Stunning…thank you to The Bloom Room and Classic Event Rental.Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1856Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1004Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1864Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1862Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1072Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1190-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2113-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-238-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-481-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1079-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-534-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-606-2This was one of the most precious ‘mother-son’ dances I have ever witnessed.  The entire song, Trevor laid his head on his mom’s shoulder.  Their relationship is strong, and it shows.

Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-391-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1442Got to love a DJ that can show off his moves on the dance floor…Speed Demon’s EntertainmentBooker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-797-2

Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-375-2Who doesn’t love a good snow cone?  Perfect refresher after all that dancing!  Thank you, again, to Ice Age Ice Creations for keeping our snow cones cool.Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1159-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-968-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1149-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-22-4Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2173Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-41-4Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-53-4Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-79-4






Laura + Eric’s Biltmore Wedding Part I

In honor of 4th of July, I wanted to finally post the wedding of two absolutely fabulous people, Laura and Eric!  Their wedding took place at the Lioncrest on Biltmore Estate last July 4th, so I thought this would be a very appropriate wedding to post this week!  Laura and Eric are simply fantastic inside and out.  They are an adventurous, fun-loving, spontaneous, and beautiful couple who lived in Dubai throughout the entire wedding planning process.  They met on a plane when they sat across the aisle from one another, had their first dates while traveling the world, and finally were engaged while in the Maldives.  A romantic beginning to their lives together!  I am so excited to share this wedding with you, and to once again show off the work of the talented Jeremy Russell!   Also, please check out Laura and Eric’s wedding trailer by Hart to Heart Media.  Click here to view.  I caution you…you WILL fall in love with this couple simply by watching…

Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-005Thank you Baggie Goose for the adorable welcome letters!

Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-002 Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-009Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-010Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-008Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-011Makeup by Blush; Hair by Lola Salon

Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-014Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-015Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-044Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-013Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-018Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-019Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-020Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-022Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-023Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-025Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-029Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-030Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-031Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-032I never get tired of seeing The Bloom Room’s workJeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-037Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-035Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-038 Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-039Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-045Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-047Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-046Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-048Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-055Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-054

Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-059Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-060Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-061To me this was one of the most romantic parts of the ceremony.  Laura’s heel got stuck in one of the cracks in the wood, and Eric leaned down to help.  There was just something so perfect about this moment.


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