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Aubrey + Kyle’s Wedding Day Part I

Aubrey and Kyle’s wedding was extremely special to me for a million reasons, but I just want to mention a few…

1. The Biltmore Estate.  All the wedding festivities took place on the Biltmore Estate, and to be honest, there is not an ugly spot on the whole entire property.  I just love it there.  I practically live on the Estate, yet I never get tired of being there.  My kids love it; my husband loves it; and my dog loves it.  There is beauty everywhere, and there are activities around every corner.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I get to live so close to such an amazing place.  So, with that all said, it is truly one of the most majestic spots for a wedding.  Aubrey and Kyle’s guests got to see so much of the property…from the BBQ near the sunflower fields, to the rehearsal dinner on the west side, the ceremony in a field overlooking the most spectacular mountain views, to a reception up at Diana with the best view of the Biltmore House.  What a treat, and what a feast for the eyes and soul.  So yes, the Biltmore Estate is special, which made this one special too.  🙂

2. A family reunion!  So this is the third wedding within this same family that I have had the honor of helping with over the past few years.  So, why is that special?  Well because I get to see everyone again!  It just makes the weddings that much more fun when there are familiar faces and big hugs.   I have had such a blast getting to know their family and friends, and I must say that I am always sad when these occasions come to an end.

3. The veil.  The veil that Aubrey wore was no ordinary veil (although NO veils are ordinary as every bride that wears them makes each one unique).  This veil is over 100 years old, and has been passed down lovingly through the generations of Aubrey’s family.  What makes this veil so special to Aubrey is that it was worn by her mother, Ginger, and by her grandmother, Mimi.  On another note, this veil was also worn by Mimi’s cousin, Jacqueline Onassis, at her wedding to John F. Kennedy.  Blows my mind.  Since I was responsible for putting the veil on Aubrey, I was absolutely terrified! I just knew that it was going to fall apart in my hands the minute I touched it, and I would be forever hated by the world.  Well, it was the total opposite…it was so soft and in absolutely fabulous condition.  As the day went on I almost forgot that I had to be careful with it!   Placing this veil on Aubrey was one of the most memorable and incredible moments for me.  I was sweating bullets, but at the same time I was in awe.  As we walked away from the room, Aubrey burst into tears.  It was the first time I had seen her cry that day so I asked her what was wrong.  She simply said that after putting on the veil, the importance of the legacy that had been handed to her, finally came full circle in her mind.  That moment made everything so real for her, and it was beautiful to witness.

4. A forever friendship.  So, I did not know Aubrey very well went we first started the planning process.  I knew she was an incredible horse back rider, a lover of animals, a tom boy, a farmer, a bohemian free spirit, and that was about it.  Little did I foresee, that God would take our client-planner relationship and turn it into an incredible friendship.  We went from talking once in a while about wedding checklists, to chatting almost everyday about life.  This turned into shopping trips, paddle boarding, shooting range parties, dinner outings, etc.  I could not be more grateful that God put us together.  Having her become more than a client made this wedding all the more special for me.  I felt more like a bridesmaid than a planner.  Aubrey, I am so happy that you and Kyle found each other.  You are BEAUTIFUL inside and out.

So there you go…just a few of the reasons why this wedding meant so much to me, and I am honored to share it with you.  If you missed the Thursday night BBQ, you can find it here.  If you missed the rehearsal dinner, click here.  Thank you again to Cheyenne Schultz for sharing your talent and capturing this day.  Since I am horrible at narrowing down pictures, get ready for several posts just to cover their wedding day.  Because of this, I will go ahead and give you all the vendors involved that made this day perfection.  I can’t thank Suzanne, and the Biltmore team, enough for ALL they did to make Aubrey and Kyle’s dreams a reality.  xoxo

Vendor Love:

Photographer:  Cheyenne Schultz Photography

Film:  Life Stage Films

Hair:  Lola Salon and Gallery

Makeup: Megan Drye

Dress shop:  Wildflower Bridal

Florist:  Inn on Biltmore Floral led by Elizabeth Borchers

Catering/Cake:  Biltmore Estate

Rentals:  Classic Event Rental

Linens:  Party Tables Linens and Drapery

Edision Lights:  McIntosh Design Works

Paper goods:  7 Ton Co.

DJ:  Split Second Sound Entertainment

Violinist:  Oleg Melnikov

Aubrey’s bouquet was exquisite!Isn’t she gorgeous?I just love the first look…

After the first look and bridal party portraits, we slipped away to put on Aubrey’s veil.  She didn’t want Kyle to see her with it on until she walked down the aisle.

Lauren + Tim’s Wedding II

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  What better way to end the day, but showing the love between Lauren and Tim.  If you missed out Part I, please click here.Completely breathtaking floral by The Bloom Room.  Wow!


Lauren + Tim’s Biltmore Wedding I

Lauren and Tim…they keep you smiling because they are constantly smiling.  Plus they have two adorable bull dogs…Max and Bob, which also keep you smiling.  🙂  Smiles all around!  I relished the time that we had planning their wedding, as they were not only an awesome couple to be around, but they seemed to truly enjoy the process.  They trusted the vendors they had in place, which made our jobs not even seem like jobs!  Thank you, Lauren and Tim, for simply being incredible people who love each other deeply, and through your overflow, others are blessed.  People like you make me love what I do even more.  Lauren and Tim’s wedding took place at the Diana at the Biltmore Estate.  Thank you, Hannah Hudson, for the beautiful pictures and for the pleasure of getting to work with you.  Here is Part I…

Such a lovely job on hair and makeup by Lola Salon and Gallery and Makeup at Grove ArcadeLush, organic, floral by The Bloom Room

Melissa and Victor’s Biltmore Wedding

View More: couple captured my heart from the first moment we spoke.  They live overseas, they have served our country, and they love each other deeply.  They decided to get married on the beautiful Biltmore Estate at the Deerpark.  Thank you to Realities Photography for documenting this special couple so perfectly.  Let’s just say, I LOVE my job.  🙂

Please take some time to watch this trailer by Hart to Heart Media….try not to cry!  I did!

View More: More: More: looked extra stunning after Blush added their special touch!View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: you to Baggie Goose for all the signage and to Blossoms for the gorgeous floral!View More: More: More: More: More: More: by Tod Coles with Big Love WeddingsView More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: Second Sound got everyone on the dance floor!View More: More: More: More: More:

April & Trevor’s Magical Wedding Part II

And now on to the wedding reception of April and Trevor held at the Deerpark on Biltmore Estate!  If you missed Part I, check it out here…you won’t want to miss it.

Thank you again to One Moment One Shot for sharing your talent.

Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1652Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-792-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2Loved using the Utah Jazz Arena for the seating chart…thank you to Baggie Goose for designing!

Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1044Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1028Gorgeous Ice Bar by Ice Age Ice SculpturesBooker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1933Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2017Best intro by the Bookers and their sweet children…this family is one you want to hang with.Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2025Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2028

Instead of a traditional First Dance, April and Trevor fabulously lip-synced for one another!  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2037Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2057Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2133Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-55-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-98-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-159-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1872Stunning…thank you to The Bloom Room and Classic Event Rental.Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1856Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1004Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1864Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1862Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1072Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1190-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2113-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-238-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-481-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1079-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-534-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-606-2This was one of the most precious ‘mother-son’ dances I have ever witnessed.  The entire song, Trevor laid his head on his mom’s shoulder.  Their relationship is strong, and it shows.

Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-391-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1442Got to love a DJ that can show off his moves on the dance floor…Speed Demon’s EntertainmentBooker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-797-2

Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-375-2Who doesn’t love a good snow cone?  Perfect refresher after all that dancing!  Thank you, again, to Ice Age Ice Creations for keeping our snow cones cool.Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1159-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-968-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1149-2Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-22-4Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-2173Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-41-4Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-53-4Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-79-4






April + Trevor’s Magical Wedding Part I

So, I have been behind on blogging, and for that I apologize!  For my very first post of 2016 I could not think of a better wedding, nor a better couple, to share with you!  April and Trevor were married at the Deerpark on the majestic Biltmore Estate.  Working with April and Trevor was a dream come true, as not only were they so fun to work with, but throughout the process they became dear friends.  Even my son fell in love with April and has aspirations to steal her heart away from Trevor one day (don’t worry, he is 4)!  At least my little guy has fabulous taste, as she is GORGEOUS…and Trevor ain’t so bad either.  🙂

The wedding day was perfection…from the first look to the last dance.   To see the love and support from their friends and family made my heart happy.  No doubt these two were meant to be together.  Thank you to One Moment One Shot for the amazing photographs of such a special day, to The Bloom Room for the floral design, to Classic Event Rental for the beautiful tent, draping and lighting, and to their DJ, Speed Demon’s Entertainment, for keeping the night flowing and fun.  Also, please check out this film of the day by BNR Productions…love reliving this day!

Enjoy Part I!


Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-17Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-49Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-159-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-223-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-655-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-929-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-953-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-144Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-351Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-307Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-380-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-346-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-659Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-895-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-678Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-742Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-761Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-810Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-889Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-829-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-432-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1757Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1142Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1261Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1297Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1369Trevor and April’s children are seriously the cutest….Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1384Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-125-3Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1404Booker_Dixon_Wedding_Asheville-1426In memory of her father, April walked down with her brothers.  When they arrived in the middle of her walk down the aisle, her brothers kneeled down to represent April walking the rest of the way with her dad.  Such a special moment.



Chase and Clary’s Garden Wedding Part I

In honor of Chase and Clary’s one year anniversary, I am finally sharing with the world their wedding day!  These two are super special to me, and I couldn’t have been more honored, blessed, ecstatic, or thrilled to share in the happiest day of their lives!  Chase and Clary are a couple that would do absolutely anything for you…true servant hearts.  They love passionately both people and animals, are fiercely loyal, and they are genuine to the core.  Their wedding day was a gorgeous one…perfect weather, beautiful venue, surrounded by loving family and friends.  The couple hosted their ceremony in the Walled Gardens of the Biltmore Estate.  Thank you to the brilliant Katy Cook for being on hand to capture their day.  Part II will come soon!

PickeringWed001PickeringWed005PickeringWed032PickeringWed036Makeup and Hair by Doll Box ProductionsPickeringWed041PickeringWed061PickeringWed062PickeringWed064PickeringWed050PickeringWed199Simply beautiful floral by the Inn on Biltmore Floral TeamPickeringWed123PickeringWed119PickeringWed132PickeringWed139PickeringWed182PickeringWed245Best family photos!!PickeringWed248

PickeringWed263PickeringWed276PickeringWed281PickeringWed373PickeringWed374PickeringWed375Always love hearing Asheville String Trio play!

PickeringWed382PickeringWed464Officiating by the charming Howard Hanger.PickeringWed476PickeringWed483PickeringWed485PickeringWed519PickeringWed529PickeringWed533PickeringWed542PickeringWed543


Alexis & Tyler’s Fairytale Wedding Part I

FL (57)I am so thrilled to be sharing Alexis and Tyler’s wedding with you because they are now getting ready to have their first child!  So happy for them, and they are going to be such fabulous parents.  Alexis and Tyler were wed last summer on the Tennis Lawn of the Biltmore Estate, followed by a dinner reception at Diana. It was a day truly fit for a princess and her prince, and Blossoms outdid themselves with all the floral.  Alexis loved pink, so all shades were represented, and it was beautiful.  Enjoy these photos by Hannah with Swanky 5 Studios.  So good!  Enjoy Part I…

GR (8)GR (130)GR (51)GR (29)GR (5)GR (7)GR (83)FL (99)FL (85)FL (10)FL (12)FL (24)

FL (38)FL (26)FL (56)FL (120)FL (62)w (3)w (1)w (4)w (12)w (14)w (50)w (63)w (70)w (178)w (108)w (183)

Julie + Adam Part II

And now on to Part II of Julie and Adam’s wedding at the Biltmore Estate last summer.  Get ready for some gorgeousness!

If you missed Part I, click here.


140628_Moreland_418140628_Moreland_438140628_Moreland_435Exquisite floral by Le Jardin Francais140628_Moreland_417Rentals from Classic Event Rental & linens from BBJ140628_Moreland_432140628_Moreland_419140628_Moreland_420140628_Moreland_415140628_Moreland_470140628_Moreland_474140628_Moreland_544

140628_Moreland_546 140628_Moreland_534140628_Moreland_512140628_Moreland_515140628_Moreland_517140628_Moreland_518140628_Moreland_577The Celebrity Allstars were incredible!!140628_Moreland_617140628_Moreland_618140628_Moreland_647140628_Moreland_629140628_Moreland_668140628_Moreland_673140628_Moreland_575140628_Moreland_686140628_Moreland_687140628_Moreland_689Rolls Royce from Elite Limousine

Julie + Adam’s Wedding Part I

It has been over a year since Julie and Adam were married on the Tennis Lawn of the Biltmore Estate, yet if feels like yesterday!  Getting to know this couple and their families through this process was such a pleasure for me.  I am excited to be sharing their beautiful day with you!  After the ceremony, their guests enjoyed a delicious dinner catered by the chefs at Biltmore under a majestic tent on the South Terrace.  This is one of my favorite spots for a reception because you are treated to views of the mountains while nestled beside the Biltmore House.  Thank you to Parker J Photography for allowing me to share this photographs!  Check out Part I!

Also, please do not miss this trailer of Julie and Adam’s wedding by Hart to Heart!  Click here to see!


140628_Moreland_075-Edit140628_Moreland_097-Edit140628_Moreland_101-Edit140628_Moreland_092-Edit140628_Moreland_108-Edit140628_Moreland_115140628_Moreland_118140628_Moreland_125140628_Moreland_128140628_Moreland_135140628_Moreland_155140628_Moreland_260140628_Moreland_169Floral ?Design by Le Jardin Francais out of Atlanta.  Beautiful!!140628_Moreland_245140628_Moreland_253140628_Moreland_289140628_Moreland_296140628_Moreland_297140628_Moreland_312140628_Moreland_319140628_Moreland_320Ceremony Music by Allegro 140628_Moreland_321140628_Moreland_337140628_Moreland_339140628_Moreland_328




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