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Kira + Jack’s Wedding Part II

Here is Part II of Kira and Jack’s Biltmore Estate wedding at the Lioncrest!  If you missed Part I which highlights the pre-ceremony and ceremony, then click here to view.

Photographer:  Realities Photography

Flowers:  Blossoms at Biltmore Park

Hair:  Lola Salon and Gallery

Music:  Donna Germano on harp; Pat Lance with Spintastic Sounds as the DJ

Linens:  Party Tables

Seating:  Classic Event Rental

Vintage China:  Upstyled Settings

Transportation:  Elite Limousine

Nothing like a real ‘cheese’ cake!Hangover bags!


Lauren + Tim’s Biltmore Wedding I

Lauren and Tim…they keep you smiling because they are constantly smiling.  Plus they have two adorable bull dogs…Max and Bob, which also keep you smiling.  🙂  Smiles all around!  I relished the time that we had planning their wedding, as they were not only an awesome couple to be around, but they seemed to truly enjoy the process.  They trusted the vendors they had in place, which made our jobs not even seem like jobs!  Thank you, Lauren and Tim, for simply being incredible people who love each other deeply, and through your overflow, others are blessed.  People like you make me love what I do even more.  Lauren and Tim’s wedding took place at the Diana at the Biltmore Estate.  Thank you, Hannah Hudson, for the beautiful pictures and for the pleasure of getting to work with you.  Here is Part I…

Such a lovely job on hair and makeup by Lola Salon and Gallery and Makeup at Grove ArcadeLush, organic, floral by The Bloom Room

Melisa + Jackson’s Fall Wedding Part I

So it has been a little over a year since Melisa and Jackson were married on the Biltmore Estate, but I can’t think of a more perfect time to actually blog their wedding.  Why?  Because this past weekend Jackson’s sister, Amelia, was married so I was able to see them again!  I couldn’t be happier to be a part of two weddings with these precious families!  I absolutely adore Melisa and Jackson…they completely light up a room, everyone around them adores them, and they are some of the kindest people I have gotten the pleasure to work with.  The weather on their wedding day was fall-like…chilly, but gorgeous.  I am so delighted to share these photos with you.

Once again, I was able to work with Graham and Samantha from Graham Terhune Photography, and not only are they amazing people, but incredible artists.  Enjoy Part I!

And please check out their amazing film by Inkspot Crow Films.  SO GOOD!  Click here!

View More: More: More: by Wendy with Blush; Hair by Lola SalonView More: a sweet, creative and thoughtful gift from Jackson.  A music box filled with small glass bottles that they can fill with memories.  Seriously?!

View More: More: by the fabulous Blossoms!

View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: by Tim LolleyView More: More: More: More:

Laura + Eric Part II

Now on to Part II of Laura and Eric’s smile-filled reception at the Lioncrest on the Biltmore Estate.  Enjoy Jeremy Russell‘s photography of this incredible occasion!  These two have the BEST personalities, and the fun that they have together is truly contagious!  I am loving reliving this day…

Floral Design:  The Bloom Room

Hair:  Lola Salon

Makeup: Blush

Ceremony Music:  Natalya Weinstein

Reception Music:  88 Licks Dueling Pianos

Transportation:  Elite Limousine and Asheville Bike Taxi

Photo Booth:  Smoochbooth

Catering and Cake:  Biltmore Estate

Rentals:  Classic Event Rental

Missed Part I?

Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-092 Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-088Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-109Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-075Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-040Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-074Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-100Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-081Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-089Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-082Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-094Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-097Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-098Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-096Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-104Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-103Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-107Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-112Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-113Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-119Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-120Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-122Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-115Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-130Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-132Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-126Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-135Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-136Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-131Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-080Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-133Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-140Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-141Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-142Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-143Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-137

Laura + Eric’s Biltmore Wedding Part I

In honor of 4th of July, I wanted to finally post the wedding of two absolutely fabulous people, Laura and Eric!  Their wedding took place at the Lioncrest on Biltmore Estate last July 4th, so I thought this would be a very appropriate wedding to post this week!  Laura and Eric are simply fantastic inside and out.  They are an adventurous, fun-loving, spontaneous, and beautiful couple who lived in Dubai throughout the entire wedding planning process.  They met on a plane when they sat across the aisle from one another, had their first dates while traveling the world, and finally were engaged while in the Maldives.  A romantic beginning to their lives together!  I am so excited to share this wedding with you, and to once again show off the work of the talented Jeremy Russell!   Also, please check out Laura and Eric’s wedding trailer by Hart to Heart Media.  Click here to view.  I caution you…you WILL fall in love with this couple simply by watching…

Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-005Thank you Baggie Goose for the adorable welcome letters!

Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-002 Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-009Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-010Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-008Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-011Makeup by Blush; Hair by Lola Salon

Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-014Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-015Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-044Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-013Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-018Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-019Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-020Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-022Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-023Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-025Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-029Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-030Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-031Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-032I never get tired of seeing The Bloom Room’s workJeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-037Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-035Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-038 Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-039Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-045Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-047Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-046Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-048Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-055Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-054

Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-059Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-060Jeremy-Russell-14-Biltmore-Deerpark-Wedding-Tara-061To me this was one of the most romantic parts of the ceremony.  Laura’s heel got stuck in one of the cracks in the wood, and Eric leaned down to help.  There was just something so perfect about this moment.


Amy + Jay

Amy and Jay were married on a gorgeous and warm day last summer, and it was simply beautiful.  Their ceremony took place at the North Carolina Arboretum, which is a perfect setting for an intimate ceremony surrounded by God’s creation.  I just love this place.  Then guests made their way to the heart of downtown Asheville to enjoy dinner and dancing at On Broadway.   Made me completely happy to have red as the main color for the design…I adore its boldness!   Thank you Jeremy Russell Photography for your talent…enjoy these pictures of the day.

Hair:  Lola Salon and Gallery

Makeup:  Blush

Floral:  The Bloom Room

DJ:  Pat Lance with Spintastic Sounds

Dessert:  Ruth and Ranshaw

Catering:  Celine and Company

Ceremony music: Allegro


This cracked me up…Amy and her mom practicing their dance moves for later in the evening…

Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-05Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-22Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-04Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-06Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-10Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-11Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-12Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-13Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-14Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-16Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-17Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-20Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-30Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-28Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-31Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-32Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-52Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-71Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-35Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-37Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-36Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-41Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-43Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-42Guests wrote Amy and Jay notes on small pieces of fabric…so sweet.

Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-53Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-51Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-56Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-57Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-60Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-45Seriously delicious dessert display by Ruth and Ranshaw…YUMJeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-47Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-48Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-66Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-65Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-68Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-69That practice paid off!Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-70

Lauren + Bryan Part II

And here is Part II of Lauren and Bryan’s dinner reception at the Diana on Biltmore Estate!  The views were out of this world, the food was delish, and the joy was contagious.  Thank you to Russ Wilson his Nouveau -Passe Orchestra for creating a night full of fabulous music! Enjoy!

If you missed Part I, please click here to see!

140525_Reed_306140525_Reed_310140525_Reed_209140525_Reed_210140525_Reed_206140525_Reed_326140525_Reed_319140525_Reed_317140525_Reed_323140525_Reed_300140525_Reed_375140525_Reed_371140525_Reed_381140525_Reed_337140525_Reed_366140525_Reed_331140525_Reed_387Why not have professionals to kick off the dancing!


Lauren + Bryan Part I

Lauren and Bryan…fabulously elegant, incredibly smart, and I feel like they stepped into this time from a past era.  They wanted Gatsby, they wanted big band, they wanted high class…this is just who they are.  There couldn’t be a more perfect setting for such a wedding than the Biltmore Estate where time stands still, and you can feel the history all around you.  Parker J was a fantastic choice, as his artistry could not be more in tune with what they wanted to capture.  Loved them, loved their vision, and I am happy to share it with you. Thank you to an incredible team:

Floral:  The Bloom Room

Photographer:  Parker J Pfister

Makeup:  Blush

Hair:  Lola Salon

Ceremony Music:  Cafe String Quartet

Officiant:  Tim Lolley

Here is Part I!


Rebecca + Ryan’s Reception

Woodward + Rick Photographers | Asheville | The Bloom RoomOn to the final blog post for Rebecca and Ryan’s breathtaking wedding at the Biltmore Estate.  After their guest enjoyed a first floor tour of the Biltmore House, they sipped on cocktails on the Library Terrace while the families took pictures.  Then guests entered the grand tent, so exquisitely decorated with flowers by The Bloom Room, to be treated to a phenomenal dinner, a colorful fireworks display and a packed dance floor.  Rebecca wanted to add personal touches wherever she could.  This woman has skills, and for their guestbook she cross-stitched the entire Biltmore House and their names in the center of a vintage table cloth.  Every guest signed along the edge of the table cloth, and this is something Ryan and Rebecca will treasure forever in their home.  Rebecca also cross-stitched every table number on vintage doilies.  How incredible is that!

As I said before, the weather was perfect on this special night, and the sunset was one of the prettiest I have ever seen.  God was smiling down on these two, and it was a joy to watch.  Ryan and Rebecca are such an amazing match, and they didn’t stop glowing the entire night.  I can’t help but smile as I reminiscence on this day, and I am honored to be able to share it with you all.  THANK YOU to all involved that made this weekend possible.  I could never do what I do without so many top-notch vendors.

Photographer:  Woodward + Rick
Florist: The Bloom Room
Film: Life Stage Films
Hair: Lola Salon and Gallery
Makeup: Blush
DJ: Split Second Sound
Tent, Lounges, Draping, Lighting: Classic Event Rental
Chargers & Linens: BBJ

If you missed it, check out the ceremony, rehearsal dinner, and bridal portraits.

Biltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingWoodward + Rick Photographers | Asheville | The Bloom RoomBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingcecil-wed-3037Biltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingcecil-wed-4442Biltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate wedding

Ryan + Rebecca’s Ceremony!

This is truly a wedding that will go down in the history books, and I am giddy to finally share it with you.  You have seen the lovely Rebecca in her gown during her bridal portraits, and you have shared in their joy during the rehearsal dinner, and now the wait is over…on to the wedding day!  What an exquisite day, to say the least, that God blessed them with.  Even though it showered the day before, there was not a rain cloud in sight on this sunny day.  Ryan and Becca picked the Loggia, at the Biltmore House, to be the spot where they would see each other for the first time.  It was perfect.  I felt like I had stepped back in time watching Rebecca sweep down the Loggia to greet her husband-to-be!  Once the bridal party joined them and the group pictures began, the laughter and hugs never seemed to stop.  The fairytale ceremony took place on the Front Lawn of the Biltmore House.  One of my favorite moments was when Rebecca and her dad entered the scene by horse and carriage.  So perfect for the setting, and the tears in Ryan’s eyes were priceless.  Woodward + Rick outdid themselves as always, and it was wonderful having the brilliant filmmakers of Life Stage Films to also document the day.  Check out Ryan and Rebecca’s film here (click on the picture below):

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 1.40.36 PM

And now on to the pictures!

Biltmore Estate weddingThose shoes…AMAZING!  Designer:  Emmy Shoes

Biltmore Estate weddingWendy putting the final touches on Rebecca’s makeup.  Hair by Rebecca Biggers from Lola Salon.

Biltmore Estate weddingRebecca’s sweet gift from Ryan…LOVE!

Biltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingDress designer: Lazaro from Bridals by Lori

Woodward + Rick Photographers | Asheville | The Bloom RoomBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate wedding

Biltmore Estate weddingWoodward + Rick Photographers | Asheville | The Bloom RoomCould this bouquet, by The Bloom Room, be any prettier?

Biltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingcecil-wed-1320Biltmore Estate weddingCeremony musicians Biltmore Estate weddingCeremony musicians:  David Gaines-piano, Eric Scheider-cello, and Oleg Meinikov-violin

Biltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddingBiltmore Estate weddinguYou think Rebecca is happy?  🙂

featured couple

Ritz-Carlton Wedding at Lake Oconee


Melisa & Jackson’s wedding at Biltmore


Biltmore Estate Reception