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Jenna + Matthew’s Wedding Part II

Thank you again to all involved in making Jenna and Matthew’s wedding a dream come true!  To see the vendors involved, check out Part I now!  Champion Hills never looked so beautiful.  One of my favorite venues with a rustic vibe with lots of elegance thrown in.  Two Buds and a Blossom made it even more gorgeous with hanging greenery and bountiful blooms.   So excited for you to see Melissa Jill‘s pictures of this joyful day.  Please, when you can, check out the film by Ink Spot Crow.  DO NOT miss this!  You will see how FUN, how in love, and how completely precious this couple truly is.  Click here to view!


Jenna + Matthew’s Wedding Part I

Jenna and Matthew…two of the sweetest, most genuine, and certainly the most talented couples I have ever known.  They sing, they dance, they act…a match made in heaven!  As the wedding was being planned, they were both working at the Georgia Aquarium, and we were able to visit them a couple of times.  Pherson, my oldest daughter, is obsessed with dolphin, and during our last visit she was chosen to interact with the dolphins.  Needless to say, it was a day we will never forget!  Enough about dolphins….

Jenna and Matthew were married at Champion Hills Country Club, near Hendersonville, NC.  The moment Jenna and her mom visited, they knew that this was the perfect spot for their ceremony and reception.  The mountain views from the ceremony location simply cannot be beat, and this is exactly what Jenna was looking for.  On the day of the wedding, it started POURING the rain.  With lots of prayers, the clouds parted, and the sun came out just in time.  We were praising Jesus because these two completely deserved to have the perfect day.  Oh, and I can’t forget about the wonderful young dancers Jenna choreographed to fill the aisles with celebration before she made her entrance.  Loved this personal touch.  Thank you to Melissa Jill for traveling to the North Carolina mountains to capture all these special moments.  What a great team we had:

Photographer:  Melissa Jill

Videographers:  Ink Spot Crow

Floral:  Two Buds and a Blossom

DJ:  Spintastic Sounds

Cake:  Sugar Cloud Baking Company

Calligraphy:  Calligraphy by Carole

Rentals:  Classic Event Rental

Ceremony Musicians:  Cafe String Quartet

Hair and Makeup:  Cotton Rouge

Part II to come soon!

The relationship between these two was so special.  Loved when they prayed together right before walking down the aisle.  Tears!

Kira + Jack’s Wedding Part II

Here is Part II of Kira and Jack’s Biltmore Estate wedding at the Lioncrest!  If you missed Part I which highlights the pre-ceremony and ceremony, then click here to view.

Photographer:  Realities Photography

Flowers:  Blossoms at Biltmore Park

Hair:  Lola Salon and Gallery

Music:  Donna Germano on harp; Pat Lance with Spintastic Sounds as the DJ

Linens:  Party Tables

Seating:  Classic Event Rental

Vintage China:  Upstyled Settings

Transportation:  Elite Limousine

Nothing like a real ‘cheese’ cake!Hangover bags!


Lindsey & Casey-Wedding with a View

One of the prettiest chapels is located in the Cliffs of Glassy, and the view goes on for days.  This is one of the many reasons why Lindsey and Casey decided to unite as one in this beautiful place.  Fortunately, Jeremy Russell was on hand to document every moment with perfection.  It was a gorgeous, warm day, and this made their smiles even bigger.  Thank you to the Cliffs team, Flora, Spintastic Sounds, Ruth and Ranshaw, Digital Video Memories, Limelight FX, Baggie Goose (signs/paper) and Elements Salon for making this day so wonderful for this special couple!


Jessica + Nick Part II

Sorry to make you wait so long for Part II!  Thank you, again, to all involved to make this wedding at the Grove Park Inn Country Club so amazing!  So happy for Jessica and Nick.  If you missed Part I, you can find it here.  Thank you to Brett and Jessica Photography for the wonderful pictures!

jessica-nick-wedding-531jessica-nick-wedding-536jessica-nick-wedding-555jessica-nick-wedding-567Artwork by Jessica Roux Illustration…she is so talented!

jessica-nick-wedding-564Vintage postcards for their guestbook…LOVE!jessica-nick-wedding-569jessica-nick-wedding-554Such lush and sweet floral by Flora.  They knocked this one out of the park!jessica-nick-wedding-579jessica-nick-wedding-584jessica-nick-wedding-592jessica-nick-wedding-620jessica-nick-wedding-607jessica-nick-wedding-591jessica-nick-wedding-583jessica-nick-wedding-625jessica-nick-wedding-630jessica-nick-wedding-635jessica-nick-wedding-631jessica-nick-wedding-622Cake by Cakes by Jane

jessica-nick-wedding-649jessica-nick-wedding-651jessica-nick-wedding-687jessica-nick-wedding-700jessica-nick-wedding-683jessica-nick-wedding-698jessica-nick-wedding-752jessica-nick-wedding-756jessica-nick-wedding-670jessica-nick-wedding-761 jessica-nick-wedding-718Thank you Spintastic Sounds for keeping everyone dancing!jessica-nick-wedding-732jessica-nick-wedding-740jessica-nick-wedding-770jessica-nick-wedding-785Getaway car from Elite Limousinejessica-nick-wedding-786jessica-nick-wedding-791


Whitney + Doug


Tall, gorgeous, incredibly fit, elegant, thoughtful, loving are words that sum up my precious bride, Whitney.  She needed an equally strong, super supportive, protective man that would cherish her, and she found Doug.  They are literally perfect for one another, and to be able to share in their joy was an incredible blessing.  I had the BEST time helping with their wedding, as her vision was unique, colorful, fun with an influence of Great Gatsby.  They loved the Crest Center because of the views, so we transformed the reception space by having Classic Event Rental completely drape every wall to highlight the view, and to really show off the lighting and the stunning floral by The Bloom Room.  So wonderful getting to work with Perry Vaile and reliving this wedding through her photographs.

WhitneyDougWedding-86WhitneyDougWedding-17WhitneyDougWedding-77Makeup and hair of perfection by Blush and Lola Salon and Gallery!WhitneyDougWedding-74WhitneyDougWedding-172WhitneyDougWedding-206WhitneyDougWedding-271WhitneyDougWedding-275WhitneyDougWedding-280

WhitneyDougWedding-265Steve Agan and Allegro Music did a beautiful job with the ceremonyWhitneyDougWedding-329WhitneyDougWedding-353WhitneyDougWedding-357WhitneyDougWedding-374WhitneyDougWedding-381WhitneyDougWedding-383WhitneyDougWedding-390WhitneyDougWedding-396WhitneyDougWedding-444WhitneyDougWedding-456WhitneyDougWedding-489WhitneyDougWedding-524 WhitneyDougWedding-503 WhitneyDougWedding-505 WhitneyDougWedding-515 WhitneyDougWedding-522WhitneyDougWedding-526WhitneyDougWedding-546WhitneyDougWedding-596WhitneyDougWedding-585WhitneyDougWedding-634WhitneyDougWedding-528Love this cake by Cakes by JaneWhitneyDougWedding-755WhitneyDougWedding-550WhitneyDougWedding-743WhitneyDougWedding-807WhitneyDougWedding-852WhitneyDougWedding-854Smoochbooth never fails to be a great time for all! WhitneyDougWedding-839Pat with Spintastic Sounds kept everyone on the dance floor!  Love that he joined in with the sunglasses!WhitneyDougWedding-836WhitneyDougWedding-879WhitneyDougWedding-881WhitneyDougWedding-951Elegant Excalibur from Air HavenWhitneyDougWedding-962WhitneyDougWedding-966WhitneyDougWedding-974

Melisa + Jackson’s Fall Wedding Part II

On to the reception of Melisa and Jackson! Guests were treated to dinner in the lovely Deerpark, followed by dancing under the trees and stars.  Gorgeous and fun evening for all!  Thank you again to Graham Terhune Photography, Blossoms at Biltmore Park, Spintastic Sounds, Blush, Lola Salon, Cafe String Quartet, Tim Lolley, Ink Spot Crow and of course, Biltmore for making this evening so memorable!

Turbyfill-348Turbyfill-438View More: More: More: More: played a song for Melisa…nothing sweeter and more romantic.View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: Bike Taxi whisked them away after a perfect night!Turbyfill-677

Amy + Jay

Amy and Jay were married on a gorgeous and warm day last summer, and it was simply beautiful.  Their ceremony took place at the North Carolina Arboretum, which is a perfect setting for an intimate ceremony surrounded by God’s creation.  I just love this place.  Then guests made their way to the heart of downtown Asheville to enjoy dinner and dancing at On Broadway.   Made me completely happy to have red as the main color for the design…I adore its boldness!   Thank you Jeremy Russell Photography for your talent…enjoy these pictures of the day.

Hair:  Lola Salon and Gallery

Makeup:  Blush

Floral:  The Bloom Room

DJ:  Pat Lance with Spintastic Sounds

Dessert:  Ruth and Ranshaw

Catering:  Celine and Company

Ceremony music: Allegro


This cracked me up…Amy and her mom practicing their dance moves for later in the evening…

Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-05Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-22Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-04Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-06Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-10Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-11Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-12Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-13Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-14Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-16Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-17Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-20Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-30Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-28Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-31Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-32Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-52Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-71Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-35Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-37Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-36Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-41Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-43Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-42Guests wrote Amy and Jay notes on small pieces of fabric…so sweet.

Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-53Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-51Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-56Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-57Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-60Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-45Seriously delicious dessert display by Ruth and Ranshaw…YUMJeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-47Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-48Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-66Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-65Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-68Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-69That practice paid off!Jeremy-Russell-14-Arboretum-Wedding-Tara-70

Tiffany + Mitch

Stunning mountain views, gorgeous couple, beautiful weather, super-fun crowd=a perfect day.  Tiffany and Mitch are an incredible match who were married almost a year ago at the Crest Pavilion.  Now they are expecting a little baby now, and I couldn’t be happier for them!  So, I thought I would take this opportune time to show off their wedding day!  Thank you to Jill with Realities Photography for simply being awesome.  I dare you to look at these pictures and not have a smile on your face…





Flawless makeup by Wendy with Blush

Hair by Suraj Spa and Salon.















Love, love, love the floral by Blossoms.  How fun was it to use such a bright color throughout the decor?  Nothing screams LOVE like cherry red!



























Cake by Artista Cakes







Thank you, Spintastic Sounds, for getting everyone on the dance floor!








Nothing sweeter than riding away in a classic Rolls Royce from Elite Limousine

Greta and Michael’s Magical Day

Greta and Michael were married on a day that started out with some rain, but right before the ceremony everything cleared up and made for a gorgeous wedding outdoors!   I was thrilled for them.  The ceremony took place out in the courtyard of the Deerpark on the Biltmore Estate, with a plated dinner inside.  Guests enjoyed the rest of the evening dancing or enjoying the outdoors under a canopy of twinkle-lit trees.  They had a fabulous group of vendors to truly make their dreams come true.  Thank you to Parker J for the breathtaking photography, The Bloom Room for the floral design, Blush by Wendy for the makeup, Suraj Spa and Salon for hair, and Spintastic Sounds for keeping the guests on the dance floor.

featured couple

Biltmore Estate Wedding


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Greta and Michael were married on a day that started out with some rain, but right before the ceremony everything […]