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TNT "Wedding Day" Casting Call


Two pieces of news…first of all, my new blog is not showing all my blog posts from my past weddings, but I am getting this glitch worked out.  For now, you can go to my old blog to see lots more weddings:

And second, a representative working for the network, TNT, contacted me asking if I would let all of my readers know of a casting call they are having for a new show they are launching called, ‘Wedding Day’  The information below is what they wanted me to share with you!


tnt1 dreamworks1_
Do you know of a couple who are planning on getting married or would like to marry Summer or Fall of 2009 who really DESERVE an amazing wedding but cannot afford it in these tough economic times?
“Wedding Day”, a new prime-time series premiering June 16th on TNT, is seeking to cast inspirational couples for our next amazing season!
You can view a promo of “Wedding Day” here:
Teachers, real-life heroes, survivors, volunteers, social workers, charity workers, etc. … we want to hear from you!
If you had to downgrade or delay your wedding plans due to job loss, injury, illness or deployment … we want to hear from you!
If you know of a couple who is so busy helping others they deserve someone to help them out … we want to hear from you – Nominate someone today!
Send a brief paragraph about your situation, or another couple’s situation, the current wedding budget, a recent photo of the couple (in .jpg format), and your contact information to:
Please respond by May 15th, 2009.
***Couples may be asked to make a casting video with friends and family.

  1. Charisse says:

    Hey Tara – thanks for the post.
    FYI – The deadline has been extended to 6-6! June 6!

  2. Maria says:

    I am writing to nominate my older sister. My sister is 40 and has finally found someone she really wants to marry. My sister really deserves a nice wedding. She has been through so much in life. She was a teenage mom who still managed to graduate from hight school and then finish college. She has another daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. Even with all that she went through dealing with my niece she managed to go to school to get a Master’s degree and still work, while commuting long distances. I was married last year and would love my sister to have the same kind of beautiful wedding I had. The problem is my sister has so much more expenses and does not feel she can have a nice wedding because of her expenses. My sister has finally met such a great guy. Not only does he love my sister and treats her wonderfully but he has accepted my niece with all her challenges and has stepped into the role of father for her, which in my eyes makes him the kind of man my sister has always needed but never had. They have really experienced what you call a whirlwind romance and in one year has found the happiness they deserve. A wedding would make their relationship complete. My sister is planning to go to city hall and I would just love if she could have the wedding she and he deserve. They both have hard jobs and work with kids. They are good people and deserve luck like this. I truly hope they are considered.

  3. Alexandra and Ben says:

    I know its past the deadline but I thought I would try anyway. My husband and I are both young, I’m 17 and he’s 19. He is enlisted in the United States Air Force and our wedding consisted of the two of us, my parents, two witnesses and a judge. Soon after we were forced apart and he’s been stationed overseas from me for over half a year now. He’s supposed to be coming home late November and we want to have a catholic wedding together. However, money is not something that comes easy as we are not very old and our parents do not have much to contribute either. We need this church wedding as our church has disowned us due to our wedding with a judge, coming from the desperation we felt to be married and yet having no time to do it in. I know the chance of being choosen is not much out of I’m sure hundreds of applicants but a dream wedding is something my husband and I need in this time of war, something that will give us a fresh start and enable us to be ready for a future together.
    I hope we are at least considered and appreciate the time taken to review our story.
    Thank you!

  4. hi,
    I would like to nominate my daughter Lisa and her fiance Scott.
    Lisa has been ill for 15 years with lyme disease.
    She has been through so much physically, emotionally and financially.
    They can’t afford a wedding right now.
    Lisa had a fiance before she became ill and when she got ill
    they broke up.
    He didn’t understand the fact of how sick she really was.
    They broke up but now she is engaged to her soulmate Scott.
    They live in different states and met on the internet about 10 years ago.
    They finally started dating 2 years ago and been engaged for 6 months now.
    Please consider my daughter Lisa and her fiance Scott.
    They really deserve to be happy.
    Thanks much,
    Cynthia W

  5. Denise says:

    Hi. Please read my story…..
    Robert and I met August 1, 2007 on, a christian dating website. At the time, Robert, was living in Atlanta, GA and me, here in Odenton, MD. We emailed and talked on the phone for a bit and Robert decided it was time for us to meet. At the time, he had just lost his job and his car had been totaled in an accident. He drove 10 hours from GA to MD to meet me. We instantly hit it off. I was a single parent at the time struggling to make ends meet. Well, Robert drove up a couple more times and I flew down to visit him. We did this, albeit expensive. Well, later we decided that because of the distance and our lack of finances, we would not concentrate on dating and just remain friends. It was a difficult decision to make as by that time we were so smitten with each other but we just could not afford to continue the trips back and forth between MD and GA.
    September of that year, Robert finally took on a job. It took up a lot of his time but he was excited because the job was set between a men’s and a women’s homeless shelter. You see, Robert is a minister and he volunteers to help and mentor those struggling with drug addictions. Robert is a recovering addict himself. He has been clean for 20 years now and this is his passion….. to help others. We continued to communicate via phone but decided that we would concentrate on just remaining friends. In November, we talked about getting together for Christmas as Robert had not been home to see his parents in several years. His parents live in NJ. He was going to visit them and then drop by to see me on his way back from NJ to GA. We were both excited about the idea of seeing one another again. Well, on Dec. 7, 2007 Robert suffered a stroke. He was temporarily paralyzed on his right side, eventually regaining feeling. He called me the morning of the stroke complaining of not being able to control his body. I immediately told him to call 911 because I was sure those stroke symptoms he was explaining to me. He instead drove to work and it was his boss who eventually called the ambulance to come get him. Robert nearly lost his life. I stayed in constant communication with him the entire time he was in emergency…. he was on his cell and I was on my cell. I was unable to concentrate that entire day. My boss told me to leave work but I stayed.
    Well, when I realized Robert’s condition, I flew to GA to be with him. I flew down that Saturday and came home that Sunday. It was very difficult for me to see him in that state. However he was in good spirits and was glad to see me.
    He was released from the hospital in January and I took vacation and spent 11 days to help him as well as I could while he was home. During my time in GA, we grew even closer together. I did not want to leave hime when the time came for me to return to work. I maxed out my credit cards flying back and forth to make sure he was okay.
    Eventually, he had to moved to NJ to live with his parents to recouperate. I flew to GA, helped him pack up and then drove his car from GA, stopping over for a day in MD and then driving him to NJ. During this time, I was going through some difficulties of my own. I was struggling to try to keep my mortgage paid, falling behind 2 months. Robert wanted to help so he moved in with me. He was now on SSDI and was doing the best he could to assist me financially. Fast forward…… Robert and I fell in love all over again. He borrowed money from his best friend, bought a ring and proposed to me in Aug. 2008 at the train station when I picked him up.
    We started planning our wedding for May 16, 2009. But because Robert and I are both christians, we decided that it was not good for us to live in the same home and not be married. So, we asked my pastor to marry us in my home. This took place Sept. 25, 2008. We decided that we would still have our “dream” ceremony in May. That didn’t work because now I was 3 months behind in my mortgage, threatening foreclosure. We changed the date from May to July 19th. In the meantime, we were introduced to a company that could help us get a modification through my mortgage company. We began the process of a modification and in March 2009, I lost my job. The mortgage company would not do a modification and the company we hired to help us closed because the owner was stealing the money. The only good thing was the mortgage company offered us a forebearance which saved us from foreclosure but now we’re struggling to pay a mortgage that’s unaffordable. My daughter, me and Robert are now all trying our very hardest to pay the bills and it’s not easy. Anyway, I’m now unemployed and struggling which means we had to move our date again to Sept. 26, 2009 at which time we would renew our vows and finally have our family and close friends come together and celebrate our union. It doesn’t seem like this is going to happen either. My cars are in bad shape, one needing a transmission that we can’t afford and the other needing other repairs. We are in need of a front door in the house as the wood is rotten around the frame. I didn’t know that when I bought the house 3 years ago. The previous owners covered the rotting wood with paint. The entire frame has to be replaced. I am returning to work June 2nd but making less money. We are still trying to get some assistance with the mortgage. Robert can’t work. I can’t work 2 jobs because I need to be available for him. We were even scaling down our idea for the wedding. Instead of me wearing the dress of my dreams, I was going to settle for a cream suit and some hor’derves for the reception. But now that doesn’t even seem like it’s going to happen.
    I was so ready to give up until I stumbled on to your show… Wedding Day. Please, this is my last hope. I don’t know what else to do. Can you please help us?
    Thank you,
    Denise Harrison Burrell

  6. Lydia serrano says:

    I wanted to know if there is any way to still apply for the second season of wedding day.
    Thank you,
    Lydia Serrano

  7. Britni says:

    I am aware the deadline has already passed, but I just heard of this opportunity today. This case is a bit unusual to say the least. I have been with David for almost 4 years now. In September 2006, at the age of 17, David joined the Pennsylvania National Guard. David was gone from June through October of of 2007 for Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training in Georgia. After returning, with the help of a signing bonus, David bought me an engagement ring and proposed on Christmas Day. The next spring, David began college at Slippery Rock University in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. He continued to go to monthly drills, work part-time, and go to school full-time. At this time I was still in high school. These things took a strain on our relationship. Money was very tight and time for each other was hard to come by. Thankfully, we were able to make it work. Around this time, David began to have some gastrointestinal problems. Every time he ate he would become horribly sick. After undergoing multiple tests and seeing multiple doctors, we discovered he had an H Pylori bacterial infection in his stomach. He was put on medication and treated. Unfortunately, the stomach problems did not subside. We then learned, that he was to deploy to Iraq in September of 2008. We hoped that he would get to stay back due to his medical problems. This was not the case. In September of 2008 David was sent for three months of training. While he was at training, we decided we would get married on his 10-day leave before shipping to Iraq. We had originally planned to get married in 2012, but it meant a lot for the both of us to be married before he left again. We probably would have gotten married in September, but I did not turn 18 until November, and our families were not supportive of our decision. So, when he came home from training, we got married on December 20, 2008. We were married in the small ‘chapel’ of Jameson Memorial Hospital. I wore a red party dress, because I could not afford to buy a wedding dress. As happy as I am to be married, I just want to have the wedding every little girl fantasizes about. We would like to have a big and beautiful wedding, but I will be beginning college in the fall of 2009 and when David returns in September of 2009 he will be returning to college as well. We will never be able to afford the wedding we have always dreamed of. With living expenses, we won’t be able to put money aside for a wedding. So please, help us have the wedding we both deserve.

  8. Patty says:

    I have become a huge fan of ‘Wedding Day’. I just found this site where I can nominate my son and learned the deadline was June 6th. My son, Isaac, has a delimma that we’ve been trying to work out for seven months with no luck. My son is in the United States Air Force and has been stationed overseas for the last five and a half years. He’s spent the last two and a half years in Japan, where he met the love of his life, Aira, who is from the Filipines. She has a five year old son from a previous marriage to a Japanese citizen. Because of the divorce laws in Japan and the delay of filing the paperwork by her ex-husband, they were not able to marry prior to him being transferred to Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. He had to leave her behind and to complicate things she is seven months pregnant. They are both so distraught over this situation and I’m at my wits end as to how we’re going to pull this off. Since he is in the military his financial situation is pretty grim. Although he’s sending most of his pay to Japan for Aira to live on it doesn’t leave him enough to get a vehicle of his own and is dependent on others for transportation. I do not have the financial resources to help them, which adds to the stress I feel. I just want them to be together in the United States and to be married in front of our families. Can you help us?