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Meg and Ross


Meg and Ross will be happily married in July at Claxton Farm, surrounded by the mountains of Western North Carolina.   Meg is a registered nurse at Mission Hospital, and Ross works for the Biltmore Estate and Winery.  They both love their jobs and are happy to live in Asheville.  Continue reading to learn more about this sweet couple…
How did you meet each other?
It was a beautiful September 2001 night in Florida and I was visiting my place of work, Dave’s Last Resort and Raw Bar in Lake Worth Florida. Ross and I had met before when he would come in with his friends for lunch or dinner but this time was different. We sat and talked for a long time and at the end of the evening he went to hold my hand. The night ended with us talking more in the pouring rain and we didn’t even care that we were soaked. The rest is history.
How long did you date before you got engaged?
We dated almost two years before we got engaged.
When did you get engaged, and how did he ask?
It was July 28, 2003 and I was so overwhelmed with nursing school that Ross told me he wanted to cook me a romantic dinner at home. I was so happy because I had so much homework to complete and a nice dinner sounded really wonderful. Candles were flickering and the pork tenderloin came out perfect. After dinner, he proceeded to tell me how much he loved me and he got on one knee and proposed. He said, “ Will you spend the rest of your life with me , Meggie.” Meggie is his nickname for me. Through the happy tears, I said. “Yes!” Needless to say , I didn’t get any homework done that night! Ha!
What are some of the activities that you like to do together as a couple?
We love to go hiking because nature is so amazing. We sometimes love just relaxing in the backyard listening to the birds in the woods with some coffee. We love exploring new towns since Asheville is a new place of living for us. We’ve been in North Carolina for 1 year and 8 months. We are always up to go see a new movie. Most of the time we just love to be at home with our animals and cooking homemade meals.
Why did you choose Claxton Farm as your wedding location?
We chose to get married at Claxton Farm because it represents our new home. Claxton Farm reminds Ross of his late grandparents farm. As a child, he spent a lot of summers at the farm. It just gives you the “feel” of North Carolina. The nature, mountains, and animals really captured our hearts.
When you think about your wedding, what are you most excited about?
After being together for almost eight years, we are just so excited to make a further commitment with each other and God -in front of all our family and friends. As our close family and friends know, we have been through a lot of changes throughout the years and we have been waiting for this moment for a long time. We wrote our own vows together and we can’t wait to look each other in the eyes and say them.
What do you love about each other?
Ross:  What I love about Meg is…her smile and laugh. She lets me be “me” and accepts it.  She has a big heart and is so loving to everyone she meets. I feel lucky to be marrying my soul mate and I can’t imagine life without her.
Meg:  What I love about Ross is…his unconditional love for me and his warm heart. He makes me smile and he makes me feel special every day. When he hugs me, I feel safe. He is my soul mate and best friend and I can’t wait to marry him.
Anything else you would want people to know?
We wanted to thank our families for all their support and love throughout the years. Both families have been so loving and accepting to both of us since the day we met.
We want to thank all of our close friends for being so wonderful to both of us. You all mean the world to us.
We thank God that our families and friends mold so well together and can be together on our special day.
Ross and I are looking so forward to our wedding day. We are also looking forward to starting our own family soon. Yeah!     Love Meg and Ross
I wanted to thank Ross for being so supportive through this wedding planning process. It has been very emotional for me since my mom passed away and not having her here for these special milestones. I have peace that God is taking good care of her and she will be there in spirit.  Love Meg

  1. Meg and Ross!!!! You two are incredible! We are thrilled that you love our dear ole’ Claxton Farm but what is even more amazing is how much you love one another…you are blessed! Lookout! Your great ideas, hard work and steadfast vendors have a mega party right around the corner for you! It will be the talk of your lifetime…until of course you upstage it with having babies! Hehehee!
    See you soon!

  2. Grace (Joslin) Salas says:

    To my childhood friend Meg & her love Ross, please know I am praying for you…both your now and future to be filled with blessing!

  3. Nannett Murphey says:

    I am so honored to attend the wedding of my dear friend and her fiance Ross. I have known them for a couple of years now and find them to be genuine and fun loving and very much into each other. I pray they have a long and healthy life and that this marriage brings forth loads of wonderful children. They both deserve it. I cannot wait to join them in Ashville for this blessed event. See you guys real soon you hear. Lots of love to you both, Nan.

  4. Stacy McCullough says:

    I am so sad to be missing your special day….I wish you both the best of luck and a life time of happiness….you so deserve it!!!

  5. Sue Calle says:

    Hello Meg! & Ross!….
    what a great site, and loved all the stories, all so Wonderful, i got ‘teary eyed’ 🙂 !!…. How great, and I am so happy for you both!!! Sounds like you all are so Happy and really a wonderful couple! I wish you the best of Everything!!!.. and Many , many yrs of Happiness!! All god’s blessings!! enjoy!! and I know your wedding day will be so Beautiful and so happy! – – just enjoy each other!! xoxox!!!

  6. Rosie Cepeda says:

    tp Meg and Ross.
    I am so happy to be joining you on this special day and I want to wish tou all the best in the world. You are both so sweet and deserving of profound happiness. see you on your wedding day

  7. LraLara (Lulu) says:

    I finally had time at work to read your love story! I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see the beautiful pictures.

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