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Carrie and Matt


Carrie and Matt are so creative and so talented, and this is going to show in every detail of their wedding.  I am so excited to be a part of their very special day…it will be truly spectacular!  Their wedding ceremony will be at Basilica of St. Lawrence with a reception following at the Deerpark on the Biltmore Estate.  On the day they become husband and wife, Carrie and Matt will have been together for three years and three months, and as Carrie puts it, ‘We are SOOO ready!!’.  🙂  Read more about this handsome couple…

How did you meet each other?

It was Good Friday. My (Carrie’s) parents always go out to the same restaurant every Friday, but this particular Friday, my sister Jackie (and Matron of Honor) convinced them to go to a new place- Guy Harvey’s Island Grill. Matt wasn’t supposed to be working that night, and we weren’t his table, but he waited on us because there were a few “pretty girls” at the table. ☺ So pretty much the night we met- my Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother-in-Law, Mom’s best friend, and my sister’s good friend were all there!!! It was truly love at first sight- and the whole family was in tow! As soon as we saw each other sparks flew! Too shy to ask for his number, Jackie’s friend Jessika took matters into her own hands and slipped Matt Carrie’s number while she left our table to “visit the bathroom”. The next day, Carrie went to visit her hairstylist (another Jessica) and told her the whole story. Being a social butterfly, Jessica knew a few people that worked in the restaurant and called around to try to get some info on “Matt”. She ended up going to eat at Guy Harvey’s that night with a friend and Matt served them at the bar. Once Jessica realized it was him, she told him that if he didn’t call- he would be making the biggest mistake of his life! The next day, Matt texted Carrie that he would be working at the bar that night. Against her character, Carrie went to go sit at his bar alone…and once she walked in Matt did a double take – and the rest is history! They closed down the bar, and Matt collected a kiss as his tip! Without Jackie, Jessika and Jessica – it might not have worked out the same!

When did you get engaged, and how did he ask?
We got engaged at the Biltmore the Wednesday before Thanksgiving 2008. It was my (Carrie) idea to go see the Christmas decorations- and that played right into Matt’s hands!!! He knew I would want to do that. So after we walked through the decorated House, we took a stroll through the gardens and into the Conservatory. The moment we were alone- I had a weird feeling come over me… I became VERY aware that we were alone. As I turned around, Matt had a sly grin on his face… and he pulled out a ring he had designed and said “Carrie, I Love You, will you Marry Me?” .. then he got on one knee to put it on my finger. I cried and asked the next person walking by to take a photo of us!
What do you two do for a living?
Carrie is a Wedding/Event Planner so this wedding has been planned forever! Matt is a Property Manager, but is also a man of many talents including woodworking, landscaping and impressive bartending!!

What are some of the activities that you like to do together as a couple?
We enjoy going to see Notre Dame football games, watching “Cake Boss”, visiting Disney World on a regular basis, visiting North Carolina on a regular basis, drinking Biltmore wine on the couch while watching the Celtics, Patriots, Bruins or Red Sox, going to see Red Sox spring training games, cooking out, sitting at Matty’s Bar (that he built himself), going to Carabbas (or anywhere out to eat!), playing with our dog Ponch, being creative!!!! Everything and anything- as long as we are together!
Why did you choose Asheville and the Biltmore Estate as your wedding location?
We got engaged at the Biltmore, but living in Florida- we wanted something different. A lot of couples travel to Florida or to a beach for their ceremony- we are coming to the mountains! It is also a good central location for our guests – Carrie’s family is from Chicago and California, Matt’s family is from Connecticut, and then a lot of friends are coming up from Florida.
When you think about your wedding, what are you most excited about?
Carrie: Walking down the aisle and seeing Matt and the end of it! I have imagined this moment so many times, and I cry every time! Having all of our guests all around – but being focused on my partner for the rest of my life- waiting for me at the end of the Basilica’s aisle! Of course celebrating our vows at Biltmore afterwards comes in a close second!

What do you love about each other?
Carrie: What I love about Matt is…too many things to list! I guess that’s what happens when you find your perfect match. I am absolutely smitten with him! “Twitterpated” in my lingo ☺ It was truly love at first sight! Even when I think I look horrible, nothing ever changes- he always loves me 110% It puts me at ease- and makes life so much easier! He makes me feel comfortable no matter what and takes great care of me (and the house, ha ha). Matt is also so creative, just like me- so he understands the weird ways my mind works, and it keeps us both from every being bored! It amazes me how he can build such elaborate things! Matt inspires me to be a better person- and he is the reason I now own and operate my own event company. He had faith in me early on- and pushed me to reach my potential. Finally, he always speaks his mind, so I always know where he stands. It is so amazing to be in an honest and trusting place with such a handsome man! So cute! I can’t wait to walk down the aisle- I was ready the day we met☺ I am a very lucky girl!
Matt: What I love about Carrie is…There are so many reasons that I love Carrie which is incredibly hard to put into words. I first fell in love with the way she smiled at me with her eyes sparkling, and her infectious smile, this happened the first time our eyes met. As time progressed and we really got to know each other, I fell in love with everything else she does; I love the way she is never negative, always engaging in conversation, the way she takes care of me and our dog, Ponch. I’m infatuated with the way she always puts others first and how if there is a way to make people happy she finds it. I love how she is always the most creative person in the room, but doesn’t make it obvious. I love the way that she has learned what sports teams I follow and how she now understands how they are played and what the calls are. I love the way her skin is so soft and her lips are always gentle. I love the way she is confident while working with her clients and is able to make their ideas and dreams become real. But, most of all I love her because she is my best friend and there is no one in the world I would rather spend time with. She’s the best, and on June 26th I will be extremely excited to finally be able to call Carrie my wife.

Anything else you would want people to know?
We are both very excited for the Honeymoon in Hawaii! After a year and 7 months of planning, it will be a nice reward! A romantic vacation together!
To see more of their engagement photos by Corey McNabb, click here.

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