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Michelle and Joe


Michelle and Joe will be getting married in just a few days at the beautiful Deerpark, located on The Biltmore Estate.  They have been engaged for a year now, and I know they are excited to become husband and wife.  I love finding out more about Michelle and Joe through the questions below, and I think you will too!  Such a cute couple!
How long have you two been together?
We will have been together almost 2 years during the “I Do’s”
How did Joe ask you to marry him?
Joe and I were making the “long distance relationship” work until we were engaged. So during one of my trips up to see him, we decided that we were going cook ourselves dinner and go to a movie that night. Earlier that day, I started to get a migraine so after dinner, I suggested that we rent a movie. Joe looked at me and said, “No, I really want to go and see Shrek 4 tonight!” So, not thinking anything other than the fact he definitely wanted to see a movie out, I went with him. When we got back to the apartment, Joe asked me to go in first. The living room was covered in red rose pedals with candles lit on the counter and the table. In the middle of the table was a heart made out of the pedals and a ring box with my ring shining from the candlelight. (Joe had asked one of his friends from PT school to set up the ambiance while we were out.) So, I immediately started crying and Joe had to ask me to pull it together for a minute so he could “ask me a question.” I immediately said yes before the question was asked!

What do you two do for a living?
Joe and I are both Physical Therapists. I work with sports medicine and Joe works in skilled nursing rehabilitation.
What are some of the activities that you like to do together as a couple?
Joe and I love to ballroom dance. Since I have been a ballerina for 25 years, this was a fun new way for me to keep up my dancing passion. Never ever did I imagine I would find a husband who I didn’t have to drag to dance class.
We love to watch The Office with a glass of wine in hand.
We also enjoy a good game of Canasta or Rook.
Cookouts and Get togethers with our family are a must and always seem to end with plenty of laughing and sarcasm.
Why did you choose the Deerpark on The Biltmore Estate as your wedding location?
We choose the Deerpark restaurant because my hometown has only two places that most everyone gets married. I wanted to add something special to my big day. I wanted a place that speaks romance and a getaway without all the travel. I wanted my guests to walk away with love in their hearts and knowing that I just married my best friend.
When you think about your wedding, what are you most excited about?
I am most excited about seeing Joe for the first time when I have my wedding dress on and he is in his tuxedo. I think it will definitely set in that I am getting married today and how blessed we truly are to have on another.
Tell us what you love about each other.
Michelle: What I love about Joe is…
I love Joe’s smile that makes me forget about the 12 hour work day.
I love Joe’s compassion for family, charity, and church.
I love knowing I that I will always have a hug waiting for me for good times and bad.
Joe: What I love about Michelle is…
I love her passion for life and for helping people.
I love that she found a way to combine her gift of dance with helping other performers get back to the stage.
I love that Michelle has a very glass half full mentality.

Anything else you would want people to know?
We want everyone to know that there is no “perfect age, time, or place” for someone to get married. Follow your heart and God will lead you in the right direction every time.

  1. Mom & Dad says:

    We feel so very blessed to have such a kind and wonderful daughter. She has brought enless amounts of joy and laughter into our lives. He As her wedding day draws so near, Iwe are filled with excitement and anticipation. We are also so very happy that she has found Joe. He has such a great sense of humor and strength of character. We could not be more pleased that Joe will soon be an intrical part of our family. We wish you all the love and happiness that life can offer. We will stand by you and with you throughout the coming years. Much Love, Mom & Dad

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