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Jessica and Wes


Jessica and Wes are such a fun couple, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them through the planning process.  They will be getting married in May at The Biltmore Estate.  Spring weddings are always so beautiful!   Wes owns State Pest Control in Clinton, NC and kills bugs for a living (my hero!), and Jessica is  Pharmacist in Charge at the CVS in Fayetteville.   Oh, I also love that they are NC State fans, since I am an alumni! Please read more about this couple below…
How did you meet each other?
Wes and I met at a bridal shower in St. Louis for my sister in July 2009. Wes had come with his mother Betty to visit for the weekend and to see his aunt, uncle, and cousins. I had come to his aunt’s house to pick up a cardboard cup cake stand I was planning on decorating for my sister’s shower when I was first introduced to Wes. Everyone was calling me “Martha” because I was trying to be crafty with this cupcake stand, so he assumed my name was Martha. It took him until the next day to realize what my actual name was  he was so confused. We talked occasionally on the phone after the shower and finally saw each other again in September in Myrtle Beach, SC where my sister’s wedding was located. We were both a part of the wedding so we were able to see each other throughout the week. After a couple nights of walking on the beach together and long conversations until 4am, we realized we wanted to keep in touch with each other. I was engaged at the time I met Wes, but in an unhappy relationship. Through becoming good friends through long conversations with Wes in person and over the phone I realized that he and I were meant to be together. After ending my previous relationship, Wes and I traveled back and forth from St. Louis to North Carolina to see each other about every 2 weeks. I was known as “the mystery girl” and “Missouri” to all his friends. I was in my final year of pharmacy school in St. Louis and decided that when I graduated in May I would move to North Carolina to be with Wes. I have been here since that day.

How long have you two been together?
We started dating at the end of October 2009 and officially became a couple on March 17th 2010… so about 2 years now.
When did you get engaged, and how did he ask?
We got engaged April 11th 2010.
Wes and I both go back and forth to St. Louis a couple times a year to see friends and family. Well during a trip at Thanksgiving 2009 Wes had talked to my parents about asking me to marry him, which they approved. He bought the ring around Christmas but hung on to it for a couple months. We both went back again to St. Louis the following April to visit with friends and family. The Sunday morning we were set to leave Wes kept asking me if I wanted to go to downtown, go out to eat, go anywhere before we left for home. I was apparently being very stubborn that day and kept telling him I didn’t want to go anywhere and wanted to just hang out at home with family. He seemed a little frustrated but I didn’t think anything of it. Well, we set off for home on the airplane and Wes kept being weird. He was trying to get the stewardess to tell the captain there was a special announcement and to try to ask me on the airplane. Well they wouldn’t let him do that. So we get in the car and on the way back to the house I could tell something wasn’t right with Wes. I could tell he was frustrated because he kept saying you just need to go along with things… I was pretty confused. When we got to his mom’s house to pick up our kids (our bulldog and cat) he stopped me before we went in and gave me a big hug and kiss and told me he loved me, then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was very surprised and said “shut up” and then yes!
What are some of the activities that you like to do together as a couple?
We enjoy traveling together either for weekend trips or week long vacations such as going to the mountains, St. Louis, or going to the lake. We love spending time with friends and family and attending church together. We both are big NC State fans and at football season attend each home game. We enjoy grilling at home together and going out to eat sushi!

Why did you choose the Biltmore Estate as your wedding location?
We both love going to the mountains any weekend we can get away. After we got engaged we knew that we wanted to have our wedding somewhere everyone would enjoy and a place where we could all meet in the middle. Asheville was the perfect place. We visited the Biltmore last May and saw how green and beautiful it was and knew we had to have it there. We also love Asheville for the AMAZING food, outdoor activities, and downtown area which we thought our guests would enjoy as well. We also fell in love with Ashley, our Catering Manager, who we knew would take care of all our needs. And to top it off we have found a great event planner who has given us so many creative ideas and made our lives a lot easier! (Thanks, Jessica and Wes!)
When you think about your wedding, what are you most excited about?
We are most excited about having all of our friends and families together from all over the country (and overseas) to be with us and share with us the day we will start our lives together. And Wes is excited about wearing his cowboy boots with his tuxedo.
What do you love about each other?
Jessica: What I love about Wes is…
Wes always puts family first. Seeing the way he cares for and loves his mother, lets me know I will be taken care of the same way. He always thinks of others and gives before he ever thinks of receiving. He works hard in his business because he knows he wants to be able to support a family. He is outgoing, funny, and is a little kid at heart. I know I will always be smiling and laughing.
Wes: What I love about Jessica is…
Jessica from day one has been a bright star in my eyes and a joy to be around. She is willing to join me in all my adventures and keeps a smile on her face. She has goals and determination to achieve more then what is expected. She loves me for me and does not try to change me!

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