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Sasha and Sinisa


Sinisa and Sasha are an adorable couple who love each other and love their dog.  🙂  When anyone is a dog lover, I tend to have an instant connection with them, which is the case here!  Sinisa and Sasha will be married at the historical Basilica of St. Lawrence in May, followed by a dinner reception at the Liomcrest on the Biltmore Estate. Should be a fabulous day, and I am looking so forward to it!
How did you meet each other?
It is funny how big the world is, yet small. We both went to Carolina for undergrad and graduated in the same class but our paths never crossed until our first day of medical school.  We became friends the year we took a break from medical school to pursue a MPH. We were in one of the same small group classes. We realized that we had a lot in common, but to much of Sinisa’s dismay, I refused to date him, or anyone in medicine for fear of having a boring life. So, after graduation, I headed out to Salt Lake City and Sinisa to Cincinnati Children’s hospital for our intern year. We remained friends and chatted often—he was persistent!  It wasn’t until the end of that year when we took a long trip to Croatia, Sinisa’s homeland, where love blossomed and we decided to try a long distance relationship.
How long have you been together?
We have been together for 3 years, all of which have been long distance, so we are ready to be living in the same city!  The things you do for love!
When did you get engaged, and how did he ask?
We got engaged on April 21, 2012 in Savannah Georgia.  It had been a stressful couple of months for Sash and I knew that we needed to have a fun and relaxing get away weekend.  So I told Sasha we were going to Savannah for the weekend to a Bed and Breakfast.  I knew that she thought it was coming so I bought her a necklace that I was hoping would throw her off, at least for a bit. We had a wonderful breakfast and then just decided to walk around Savannah exploring.  We finally made our way to Forsyth Park where I found a bench, and had to convince Sash to sit down given she was wearing white jeans and didn’t want to sit. Luckily I had a newspaper so she sat on that, and then I got down on one knee, gave her a piece of chocolate (since she made a joke (likely a serious joke) a long time ago that a proposal had to include chocolate because Sasha is obsessed with chocolate!!) and proposed to a woman that I love with all of my heart.  The second surprise was meeting up with Sasha’s immediate family who flew down to join us and we had a wonderful rest of the weekend celebrating and enjoying beautiful Savannah! The final surprise was all of Sash’s friends in Atlanta were at her house when we arrived home to celebrate one more time!

What do you two do for a living?

We are both physicians – but our life is anything but boring! Sasha is finishing up her dermatology residency at Emory in June, and after hopefully passing her board exam in July, she will be starting a procedural dermatology fellowship at Emory. Sinisa has one more year of radiology residency at Duke and then will be completing a two year pediatric diagnostic and interventional radiology fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s. We only have one more year of living apart and the countdown has officially begun!
What are some of the activities that you like to do together as a couple?
We enjoy anything outdoors – from snow skiing to hiking to white water rafting to camping to cliff diving!. We both love to travel and we love wine – we have already gone to the wine regions in Croatia, Oregon and Charlottesville, VA and are going to Mendoza for our honeymoon. We love trying new restaurants just as much as we love cooking together and spending the night in at home. Another thing we love to do together is play tennis – and it’s always a friendly competition! And of course, we love hanging out with our adorable pooch Chloe.
Why did you choose the Biltmore Estate as your wedding reception location?
We have always loved the mountains. Sasha’s family lives an hour north of Asheville, and the mountains have always been her favorite place to go because they are peaceful and full of God’s beauty. Given we are long distance, Asheville has served as a central meeting place when we didn’t want to fly to see each other. The Biltmore is a perfect place to get married because it is absolutely gorgeous. As a little girl, Sasha’s parents often let her play hookie from school and took her to the Biltmore during Christmas season.
When you think about your wedding, what are you most excited about?
Sasha: I cannot wait to see Sinisa’s big goofy grin when he first sees me walking down the aisle, and looking at that grin the entire night. We are so blessed to be able to be surrounded by all of our family and friends during this exciting and special weekend.
Sinisa: I cant wait to see Sasha walk down the aisle and, if her dad is taking his sweet time, I may meet them half way!! She is going to look more beautiful than I can even imagine! I am excited to marry somebody who I love more than anything in the world and about being able to share that love and happiness with all of our friends and family.

What do you love about each other?
Sasha: What I love about Sinisa is…There are so many things I love about Sinisa, and I never thought I would get so lucky to marry such an amazing person, inside and out. I love his uncanny ability to make me laugh, his contagious energy, and his HUGE heart of gold. He treats everyone with the utmost respect and does anything for his family and friends. He treats me like a princess and is just amazing. And, of course I love his dance moves.
Sinisa: What I love about Sasha is…..her beautiful smile, the love and care she has for her family and friends, and her sense of adventure. She is smart, funny, athletic, hardworking, beautiful (inside and out) and is everything that I could have ever dreamed of having in my life partner and then some. I could go on but I have to save something for the toast…
Anything else you would want people to know?
Come visit Croatia—you will not regret it—and when you go don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

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